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  1. Has nothing to do with the thread but ok xD
  2. KANTO FINISHED Feedback Lets start with Bugs: I experienced a few bugs when it came to the switching after a KO. Where it sent in the wrong poke, mostly the poke that died recently. The vectors in Rocket Hideout was a complete mess where you didn't stop on the ''sand'' or whatever it is. You just kept rolling around. My OV. Thoughts: First of all i would love to kick of by saying that the EXP gathered and taken is a bit to low. It makes it very hard to go thru some places at the game. For example: Rock Tunnel & Fuchsia + Saffron Gym. The beggining of the journey was completely fine imo but the longer you went a huge difference in earned EXP changed in comparison to what you were facing. EXP. Share: Worked imo extremely well mid game and close to around 40-50 lvl. Really liked the share when it could lvl up some low lvls while u had high lvl mons to sweep copycats and so on. My only advice would be to change mid-late game. If that gets a little bit ''easier'' it would run much much more smoothly and you would score a ''Stunner''! Thank you for doing this and I will be back with more the second I finish Johto! Dear Regards, GP!
  3. Before 8th Gym: After 8th Gym: Geodude rules!
  4. Before 6th Gym Since I didn't had a chance I had to go away and train pokes! After 6th Gym!
  5. You wont give them your password obviously. Only the names of your accounts so that they know what accounts to not ban.
  6. Before 5th Gym After 5th Gym (Had to train more outside since i couldn't beat Janine)
  7. Before 3rd Gym: After 3rd Gym: EXP Share working perfect aswell
  8. Hello there dear staff. I saw a message where it said; Doing Story services, quest services on other accounts might result in you getting falsely banned for mass account or other related offenses. Do it at your own risk. My suggestion to this would be: Make channel that only staff can see where the story service provider could enter his accounts and what account he is doing service for. This would prevent falsely banned accounts and the work for you to handle the appeals around these bans. It could be very simple like: Story Service Provider: (So staff knows which accounts that belongs to the one who provides with service) Acc 1 - Acc 2 - Acc 3 - Acc 4 Account that gets the serviceservice: (So staff knows which account that is getting the service) GoldenNoobachu Please Let me know what you think about this! Kind Regards, GP
  9. WANT TO BUY! Shiny Pokes: Shiny Fennekin Shiny Metagross Shiny Greninja Shiny Charizard Shinny Hawlucha Shiny Pikachu Lightning Rod 29+spd 19+spatk HP Ice ------------------- PvP Pokes: Alomomola Bold Regenerator 29+ in Def , Spdef HP Careful Gliscor Poison Heal 27+ Sassy Amoongus Regenerator NO hp fire 27+ Bold/Calm Clefable Unaware 28+ Bold Clefable Magic Guard 28+ Modest Magic Guard Alakazam 31spd 26+
  10. Noted! Auction ends 16.41 GMT +2 the 23rd of August! GL
  11. Selling this Beauty! Current Offer: 9M by @Dutchblazey Insta: 12M Minimum Bid: 100K Duration: Auction Ends 13.15 GMT +2 2022-08-23 Acceptable Payments: Pokedollars only! Contact Information: IGN: GoldenP1kachu Discord: GoldenP1kachu#1874 Good Luck Everyone
  12. Selling this Beast! Current Offer: 5M by @Hundjager Insta: 10M Minimum Bid: 200K Duration: Auction Ends 16.41 GMT +2 2022-08-23 Acceptable Payments: Pokedollars only! Contact Information: IGN: GoldenP1kachu Discord: GoldenP1kachu#1874 Good Luck Everyone
  13. @Edgyseller congratz man you won! Let me know when you are online to do the trade!
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