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  1. Hello! I want to buy following things: Xerneas Prestige Mount 12.5M Tapu Fini Prestige Mount 12.5M IV Reroll - 550K Each 100 IV RR - 50M Much Love, GP
  2. This will be fun! I hear many good thoughts around this matter and not only here in this thread. But there are also contrary to good here. I have been around for many many years in this game and have invested an insane amount of hours in creating Guilds that has been competitive. From time to time competition dies and me as a driven Leader makes new guilds just to get competition (always my old guild). - Making a 50 gap is a kinda weird concept if you want more people to be interested in pvp. This would bring 50 hardcore pvpers together and there would be no room for people to educate new players. What would be a much more functional Gap would be to limit the Guild activity joined. I see people moan about that the competitive genre is dying but they are also the people that is in the top guild on 2 servers contributing to less competition. Moving from Silver to Gold each season just to win on both sides. In my personal opinion after reviewing it all makes that complete hypocracy. Because if anything is contributing to dead competition it is that players are allowed to represent more than one guild. How can this be fixed? I am not personally a big fan of having one server instead of two but i do believe that if there is a possible way to take away the chance of joining more than one Guild that would be the most beneficial thing here. And of course same rule but for both servers. E.g If you join Enpire on Silver you are not allowed to join Defiant on Gold. 1 Guild per acc! - Guild Island! Yes, it is heavily needed to be fixed. I do not run with the "no1 hunts anyways" because that is clear BS. On the contrary I would say people are very much negative that it is not up running as it should. And i share that thought since that is legit the only thing you get out of being top 3... Well a trophy you won't see as well (maybe implement the trophy on trainer card). ^ ^ And instead of only fixing the Guild Island, maybe develop it? - Tournaments and Rewards! I would just simply suggest to make the Prize from Ladder Tour tradable again to raise interest in joining the tour! If you already have every poke and are proven a good PvP player, then why join? Maybe add something similar to Summer Tour but for Ladder players. E.g - Every players that has been participated in 2 or more Ladder Tours in a year will be able to register for a Yearly LAdder Tour around Christmas? Prizepool can be decided by staff obviously but the better reward the better tournament and amount of players you will have. And maybe, just maybe raising the Top 25 to a top 30 would make it a bit more interesting when it comes to monthly Ladder Tour registration. A few more pvp coin rewards left and right should not be to much of a problem - Clan Wars.. I am not very fund of this and I do not see how this would raise competition when all competitors are in the same Guild. Try to find other solutions to raise competition i would say. To sum up. - Keep 100 to make room for "pvp education". - Fix and develop Guild Island. - Add Guild Cloak, purchasable on Guild Island with Guild Logo on back. - Make it impossible to join more than one Guild with your account. Both Servers included! - Make Ladder Tour Pokes tradeable again. - Make an additional Tournament for Ladder Players only! Once a year! Much Love, GP
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