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  1. Am very satisfied with the work!
  2. Would like to order a signature!
  3. or just message here to fix up a time to claim
  4. Yes you won, pm me in discord @Jeni#2147 when free
  5. Today i am auctioning this hp fire timid rotom wash. S.O - 500k, min bid - 100k, insta 1m, discord- jeniferisnotonline#7235 , ign - @Jenexine auction duration - 24h. accepted payments : iv reroll - 720k, nat rr - 350k, coin capsule- 370k, good luck, hf
  6. Bump for the homie. #kecleondidnothingwrong
  7. bump for the homie!
  8. Hello, I pmed on discord but haven't gotten a reply yet. I need a guild logo, banner, and signature
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