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  1. Hey @OReOxMiLK looks like you have the auction, sorry for the late reply.. contact me in discord Yourboss™#7105 or ingame Xellal regards ~ Xellal
  2. Hey, sorry for the late reply ^^ auction last 19 hours now.. 600k by oreoxmilk
  3. pays to way cc= 400k ivs rr= 700k nature rr= 350k rare candy= 7k each. start price 600k Insta 1.5m auction will take 24 hours when the start price has begun.. Goodluck.
  4. Xellal

    Mega sableye rant

    +1 agree with everything right there.
  5. heyoo i would love to ask if someone could help me make a guild logo. since i dont know how to make one ^^ sorry for this weird question. lemme know if you can do it for me. or teach me how to make one in pixels. and ofc l`ll pay you around 300k-1m , we can always discuss the price in discord or in game contact me in discord -blckclover-#8477 regards blckclover
  6. Sold ingame for 900k.
  7. Hello, i.m willin' to take ur conke for 450k if it still possible
  8. Hey i.m willin to buy this one for 200k if it still possible
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