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  1. Hey I restored your pokemon. Next time use this thread please.
  2. Hey Aboli is the name of the guy that gave you the Beldum. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  3. Solved in-game. The winner is @GoldenP1kachu with 5m. Please proceed with the trade and post a screenshot here.
  4. Hey Sorry for the delay on the response. After discussing the topic with the rest of the GM team and admins we decided that its allowed to pay someone else to buy coin capsules for you. However it will have to be done through your donation link, https://donate.pokemonrevolution.net/CapriFame and not with in game trades. That means you will have to give this link to the person that will donate for you and then you can give them the money through paypal or however you like. If they buy the coin capsules on their account trade them to you and then give them the money it will be considered RMT and it will lead to both of you getting banned. I hope I have answered your question, if you have more questions let me know.
  5. As long as the person who creates it doesnt own more than 4 accounts, it will be okay.
  6. Yeah I will move it, I think there was a confusion because you moved servers twice that period so I had added the tophat on silver and rose on gold. Sorry for the inconvenience. Should be fixed now, can you confirm it please?
  7. Hey I see that you already have a rose in your inventory on Gold Server, was it bought off the store?
  8. @sasatta2312Please avoid commenting off-topic, if you continue punishment will follow. Kind regards, Jhizen
  9. Please do not comment off topic on trade related forums. Next time you will be punished accordingly. Kind regards, Jhizen
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