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  1. I don't really think that it is needed as other chat exists. Also, the majority of the player-base is English deemed, but, indeed it may prove to a good idea.
  2. +1 It probably came into implementation due to fake bids/forced trade cross server issue. (That's just my opinion because it sounds reasonable.) I agree upon the part, that, the changes should be reverted for good along with some vital moderation guidelines/steps/actions to avoid such problems like fake bids or backing out at the last moment.
  3. Joining raiders was the best thing which could possibly happen to me in 2020. The support I've been provided with, cannot be expressed in words or sentences alone. The serene aura with an optimistic ambience which makes the community extremely engaging and fun is a real turn on for players. Regular events with massive and epic rewards which motivate us further. I don't have to look for any service providers when the discord community got so many reliable and paced trainers on whom I could depend on for my services. PvP is a challenge faced by a lot of players. Team building, deciding on the pokemons they want to use, buying the items required for them and choosing right move sets by yourself can be a pain. When I started PvP, the only thing I needed was guidance and knowledge. The option to lend pokemons from the PvP Bank was extremely convenient and helped me try different teams without any major expenses in-game. Additionally, the guidance provided by the experienced players is remarkably effectual. I was able to see the improvement after a couple of weeks. Now, when I look back, I do realize that the community along with me have come a long way. In the end PRO indeed is game, developed for players like us to have fun and bond with new people. But being a part of such a staggering community has also helped not only me but a lot more players to understand things and mature in a dexterous way. Every player is a person behind a screen. Let's respect that and enjoy the game in a fair and wholesome way.
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