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  1. I could care less about the people who did not participate in this whole Bidoof wq thing. I'm just sad for the people who wasted their money and time getting the Bidoofs. However I think the main reason, (even if we don't want to say it is), we aren't mad at staff, we are mad at other players. This whole Bidoof thing was all about teamwork. If everybody pitched in, the quest would have been done in no time, but seeing as most people were discouraged from doing the quest, we got this. Accept it it wasn't staffs fault it was ours, in a way.
  2. Just apologize or something, stop defending yourself. Just accept your wrong or something like that Idk.. But just stop defending everything you did. You know most of the things you did were bad, so just accept it and lets move on. But nooo.. You just keep defending yourself, like everything you did can be justified. It can't
  3. Its not up to you to decide, this doesn't look very good. This just makes this whole situation blow out of proportion. If 'said' staff see's this, you expect him to be happy and keep his mouth shut? Yes.. most staff are not perfect. But using your Platform on a Pokemon game? Come one. I always say this and I will say it again. If you don't break the rules, this staff won't bother you, its common sense. This whole situation, is just becoming about you. It looks like you are just salty at the fact that you got banned. How do you know the staff didn't punish those people? You just assume you are the only one that has gotten banned. Heck I can even say with confidence (But not pride) I have much more bans than you. You always talk about how staffs target you.. but... Have you ever asked why? Many people might attack me for calling you out, but I have to do it. You said someone like Teerav, but come on (Isn't Teerav personally close to you?) You make it look like just because your close-friend who has a perfect record to say, thinks a staff is bad, the 'said' staff must get punished. You say they banned you for some wrong reason, however, this may sound dumb but.. Emfire (Is a PRO guild.) It may be your own private guid, but it has ties to PRO itself. Soo you saying its your own guild, just doesnt seem valid. I could say the same thing when someone from PRO, starts sending questionable pictures to other players. Its DM chat right? But the victim and the attacker, both have ties to the game, so the game can take any decision they want on the attacker. Keita is not one to ban people out of blue... I say this cause I have had a case with him, and I can say he is respectful and patient. Honestly, I know this isn't even about Staff relationship anymore. This is just becoming about 1 staff and that is Qeight. I see no problem with the guy, he is doing the best for the game. He's not perfect, but he isn't bad. You all want to treat this staff like he is the tyrant of all staffs. But he is just brutally honest. If this was a normal player, you all would call him a troll. But because he is a GM and he has power, you all want him good. Thats not fair. The staffs are doing all they can. If you just keep attacking this staff, I will sure as heck forget about the fact im a staff and slander you.
  4. As always, today we have a batch of 32 people (and many more ofc) in PRO, celebrating their birthdays today!!!! . What are the odds of that... To the people celebrating their birthdays today, I hope you had a blast, enjoyed your special day, and made sure nobody ruined it . (If they did, just tag me, Ill hunt that person down and make them pay). . I also hope that you may live to see many more Birthdays and be happy all the time. As always go crazy with the food (But not too crazy)
  5. Nice to hear I hope you had great fun and went crazy with the food (But no too crazy)
  6. Thanks for telling me this, now I feel assured I'm not the only one with this problem
  7. Just as I promised, we have a new batch of people celebrating their Bday today!!! So on behalf of PRO community and me, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have fun and go crazy with the food (But not too crazy)
  8. Dude.. Don't be silly. PRO is based on the real Pokestuff (Lmao). You will never play any Pokemon game with this mindset. Everything that PRO does, Is the exact same thing as the Nintendo and every other Pokemon main series game does (Mechanic wise, we on Gen7). Don't believe me and still have this opinion? Then better say goodbye to Pokemon games altogether and forever
  9. Hello there PRO community, Is it just me or has something weird been going on in the game lately. Not related to staff or anything, but... Pokemon. . I noticed something weird and I do not know if it is a bug or not, but anytime I find a very good mon for pvp (Aka Epic Poket Monsters), my sync always fails, now, I know sync does not have a 100% chance to work, however, let me paint a scenario for you: 1. You have spent 1 hour hunting for Magikarps and every single time you catch one, your sync works, but only for the rubbish Karps (ofc), But when you finally find a 31 31 Magikarp, 'Lo and Behold' your sync fails. Now I can not count how many times this has happened to me. Just yesterday, I was farming Magikarps. I caught a full box of them and each one of them, my sync worked (Jolly one), however I finally caught a 31 28 one (31spd and 28atk), but my sync failed and gave me bashful. It was so infuriating as 4 Magikarps later, I found a 31 20 atk one, and my sync failed to give me a docile one. Altogether, I stopped hunting this Karps, because each time I got a good one my sync failed. Now my question is, when you find a Karp that has 20+ in all stats, does your chance of your sync working decrease to like 10% or something? Because (ngl) It sure looks that way. I know most people call this 'hunting' and yes it is (obviously), but still... Is this really a bug? If you have also encountered a problem like this, please, let me know PS: What I mean by a 'problem' is continuous sync failing when you catch an epic mon. Not when you catch 1 good one and sync fails. I mean when you catch like 5 of them and each time your sync fails.
  10. Just as I promised, we have a new batch of people celebrating their Bday today!!! So on behalf of PRO community and me, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have fun and go crazy with the food (But not too crazy)
  11. I'm not saying this suggestion is bad or anything I'm just saying using your time and energy and your life source to hunt for a shiny pokΓ©mon that would probably take a year+ Is not the same as getting a shiny Pokemon for money that probably took you a few months to grind out.
  12. It will, it definitely will, want to know why? So many ways to make money in this game.
  13. 100mil+ I can name 15 players from PRO community that have more than 100+mil, they could buy 4 of these shiny Pokemon.
  14. But this would be an insult to people who used their time and effort to hunt that shiny Pokemon
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