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  1. I promise you nothing you tell them will convince them to stop doing it, as the same applies to me with you. Continue entertaining it, but they will not stop begging. If they do it, it's because they get results, and until people fully ignore them they are not going to stop. Good day brother. Hope this situation gets better for you.
  2. I mean. maybe he wants an item he can buy with 50/100cc that he can obtain through buying a coin capsule with pokedollars and can make back more through farming pokedollars than he would with his regular methods. I feel the idea is to not have to endlessly spend real money on the game unless you're impatient. Some people would rather be able to play the game with just pokedollars and time put in.
  3. But why do you even entertain it? Why bother speaking back to him? You complain about them, yet you have a conversation with them. Ignore them and move on. They will either stop begging or stop playing when they see no one pays them any attention. At almost 500 hours, I've only been pmed once by someone asking for 2k, I simply said no and closed the pm. Simply put, ignore them and continue about your business. This shouldn't be as much of an issue as it's being blown out to be, beggars exist in every mmo.
  4. What does this even mean? How are you going to just sell a coin capsule? how are you obtaining it in the first place? real money? Cause that requires work. -1 regardless. There's a lot of money to be made through end game content. PVP, PVE (bossing, excavations, daycare, hunting) all are ways to make income.
  5. Ignoring them will also make a lot of them stop. Those players will eventually find their way and not beg if they are simply ignored, or consider seeing why they are begging and maybe try to help them like a decent player. You never know why they may be doing it. Maybe they're stuck on a gym and feel the only way to get through it is by begging for a pokemon or money to buy a pokemon. Regardless, those players also help keep the game alive, so just ignore them if it's that much of an issue.
  6. -1 cause sure the reborn bot tells you this information, but they update their Prowiki with this information as well. People may not use discord, but if you dont use a web browser then that's your own problem.
  7. Hi, I finished my Hoenn daycare but this prompt came up during it, and now after I completed it. It says this every time rather than saying "come back later" or whatever it's supposed to say. Update: Seems to be occurring in every Daycare. Just did Kanto and same thing.
  8. Hi, I have a friend who just beat Morty without getting his mega bracelet first so he did not receive his Banettite. Is there any way for him to get it without having to wait 12 days...? Seems a bit crazy for him to have to wait 12 days because he didnt have a mega bracelet. Thanks.
  9. Name of the move/ability: Nature Power What is missing/bugged: Does not work under Drought, it's supposed to be a ground move. (I am not sure under other environmental effects) Generation it is from: Generation 6
  10. Hi, just finished Morty and I was not given any rewards. Is there any way to reset it or gain the rewards? Thanks in advance. I hope I dont have to wait 12 days.. i really need my banettite This is my alt account in the picture by the way. IGN - Xtreemes. Two Es.
  11. But why are we just taking a small phrase out of everything I said and using that as a point? Playing with just your starter from every region is the easiest thing you can do. You use 5 worthless pokemon to revive and heal your starter and you can win every single fight simply because he out levels everything by 20+ levels. The game is not hard when played like that. The game is hard when played like a regular pokemon game, which makes no sense. Am I just not explaining myself properly?
  12. I guess you are just built different brother. Because I have a friend who also did Kanto just with charmander and he was just hitting level 100 by the time he got to Blaine (8th gym). I do not see how you have 6 level 80s while he barely got 1 to lv 100 in the same time, but hey, whatever my man. I also have a friend who is in Hoenn who is stuck training his Krabby on digletts in Dewford town that are way below his level because he can't train elsewhere that's worth training at. He's done nothing but fight trainers and he has a lv 29 Krabby by the time he reached Mauville city which has an electric gym. Not sure how he's supposed to have 6 lv 29s without grinding for hours on wild pokemon. Regardless, you are right, I am wrong. Doesn't matter that 7 of my other friends also had the same struggle of not being able to have a team come E4 in any region just through trainers. The game is perfectly balanced and everybody who comments is just a whiner.
  13. you have a team of 6 pkmn lv 80 just with trainers? proof. I am not whining for me. I am simply commenting that I do not see how it is expected to play with a full team through the story and how HAVING to evolve at lv 98+ because it's optimal is not balanced. Also I hope you never have issues with anything in life if your mentality is the way you are showing it is. Nobody can comment on anything because everything is correct the way it is.
  14. how much does magikarp need also where would you train a gyarados that needs 99k exp at lv 56 during the story? Remember, no mt silver, no cerulean cave, no victory road.
  15. I don't disagree that you can play around it. I have a friend who beat every region with just their starter from each region and blew through it. Meanwhile I tried different methods in each region and ended up suffering when I tried building a team. Even when i did not evolve them, it was impossible to keep up with the gym leaders unless i spent countless hours training each pokemon against wild pokemon who give very little experience because they are severely under leveled in respective to the gym leader of that area. I would end up so frustrated at the amount of time I was wasting trying to level up my pokemon getting 500-1000exp per pokemon that in hoenn and sinnoh I just ended up buying a lv 100 pokemon for each region and blew through the story. You can't even level your pokemon to an equal level of the gym leaders without evolving your pokemon either, because they use evolved pokemon which will always be faster than your own if they are not evolved. Overall it just feels like it's designed the way it is just to make the game harder, but in reality it just makes the story not fun... All they would need to do is increase the level of pokemon in the wild so you're not a level 40 torchic training against lv 15 wingulls.. the experience is worthless at that level.
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