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  1. ok master jedi can i know ur discord or in game name for trade
  2. welcome to my shop payment method cc {350k} rc{7k} bms{170k} pokedollars master balls {45k } reroll {700k} nat . reroll {350k} RULES 1. fake offers reported 2. pm me ign if u wanna buy my ign is trinity00 or you can tell me ur ign via forum 3. offers can be negotiable MONS 30 ATK // price 200k // pvp 150k pvp able ////////////rain team spatkr // price - 200k31 spatkr // price - 200k // pvpjust a collection // price - 150k defensive // price- 150k/////rain team sweeper // price - 250k //best for pvp // price - 300k31 spd 200k150k80k300k120k200k200k200k250k // thanks for visiting
  3. i wtb some mons i will tell u in pm my ign is trinity00
  4. i would love to buy rotom wash and kingdra if u can give some discount pls and my ign is trinity00. you can pm me . there is a problem i m in olivine city so u need to come vulcan
  5. the mon that i was looking for was sold
  6. wtb blissey pm me . when u online my ign is trinity00
  7. hey hello bro u gonna come online many people wanna buy items bruh
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