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  1. But when I use destiny bond my enemy switches.what to do for that?and if last pokemon of boss hold a leftover how will donphan work?only sometimes they switches mainly for banette
  2. Oh ok it's valentines quest. But why it's not released? If it's not released how can you tubers do it?
  3. I m trying to do pink fire wings quest but can't find shiny altaria which is 1st part of that quest
  4. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/65778-restore-pokemon-megathread/ U can restore pokemons from here
  5. Bannete trick was removed first and now smeargle then how to win bosses?can't change team again and again creating a team is expensive
  6. why cant i see shiny altaria here?i already completed rose and jerome quest
  7. The last one with 31/31h.a is ok but ada or jolly would be better with h.a
  8. Hi @FrylockBeedrillite, Pinsirite and Heracronite can be obtained once the player has a Mega Bracelet. Once obtaining the Mega Bracelet the player will need to win the Bug catching contest 3 times for the first stone, further 3 times for the second and another 3 times for the last one. The wins do not need to be in a row and they are randomly. These are also a 1 time only reward. this is from prowiki it says that wins do not need to be consecutive
  9. Did u get beedrilite heracronite and pinsirite before?if u got 3 of them u cannot get anymore mega stones if u won 3 times again also
  10. Yes if u won lorelei and reached bruno and lost to him u should battle lorelei again to reach bruno
  11. Let it die in a few battles and maximize its happiness again then try with mysterious candy
  12. U can buy it with pve coins
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