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  1. thanks a lot once i will get the money then i will inform u
  2. can u reserve that mantyke for me? 31/28
  3. or i would like to buy it for 300k only but i will takea little time to collect money so plz reserve it for me
  4. can u negotiate that garchomp for me?
  5. bro it was the previous v day quests which youtubers did and it will take a while for the developers to add it again this year. it wont take a big time dont worry.
  6. if it is valentines day quest you cant do it right now cuz it hasnt arrived yet
  7. may I know what kind of quest you are doing
  8. ElonRespectme#0563 this is my dicord id
  9. it will take a lot of time in discord
  10. auction/hp ice start on 300k, min bid 50k. rr and cc accepted. 15mins total time after the start only for gold server RR and CC also accepted.
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