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  1. Call me on discord please. I want an Lv Up service. ID: NinjaFox#1228
  2. Call me on discord please. I want an Lv Up service. ID: NinjaFox#1228
  3. Every change in the game should pass a vote in the forum, as this makes the game fun. Example: Changing the way to face Bosses, without first consulting the players who make all the income of the game and the creator spin. Xmas Event: The rewards were quite empty and without news.
  4. In-game name: Foxplay Server: Silver Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 36318696 GMT -03:00
  5. Boss Saphirr does not appear. A good suggestion would be to have one of these at each "pokecenter". https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Saphirr_(boss) ... ... ...
  6. Tutor: Dual Chop
  7. The game has errors and no one helps me. This demotivates playing. I will play again when it is resolved.
  8. Can anyone on staff help me with this game bug ?
  9. Game bugged, I was all black after losing to Darkrai, and I got Muma, lost again I went to the dark place, the game gave Load Map and don't leave that part, I closed the game and open again I ended up outside from the Castle, and I can't go back. How do I fix this bug?
  10. If resolved, my pokemon returned. Thanks to everyone involved for this solution. You can close this post.
  11. Someone who can help me? I need him to defeat Boss. This gets discouraged in this game. :(
  12. Until this problem is resolved, can I keep playing and buy pokemon ?
  13. I traded with Lend to help my friend in the Vulcanion quest Torkoal quest. On his screen appeared the message that the pokemon returned and his box has no "Politoed." And my Box he is not, even with the message that the pokemon had returned. Nick Trade: Evaldoquimera As the loan was activated again, I did not print and trusting that everything was ok with the game, as the post below says: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/3146-url/?do=findComment&comment=744803 but I can tell you details about the pokemon lost by lend Politoed: Lv100 OT: Foxplay (me) Nature: Bold Ability: Drizzle Moves: Scald, Icebeam, Hypnosis , Perish Song. iV: all 20+ It was my last Game Trade, help me.
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