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  1. Awesome news, i'll be in touch. feel free to pm me once you get here, or message me here. i can meet wherever
  2. This is gold only? Because I will buy insta if you can bring it to silver.
  3. The event is officially concluded! A big thanks to all who participated, it went way smoother than I thought it would-only one crash! XD I took a ss in the Pokémon Center, you all are the best!
  4. Last minute reminders, (to anyone who sees this anyway), : -Please don't spam trade requests, just send me one pm, you will be send a trade request when it is your turn -Again, please be patient, I can only do one trade at a time -I'm writing down names, so trying to get served a second time isn't a good idea -That being said, please do not try logging in on all of your alt accounts to get multiples, that's just greedy! That should be about it! See you guys in a few hours!!
  5. Is this a post that I can "bump", so more players see it? I'm not sure if that only applies to trade topics.
  6. Hello fellow trainers, In a couple of weeks, on June 16th, I will be celebrating 6 whole years playing this amazing MMO! First and foremost, I would like to thank the staff for not just making the game, but also for fostering this awesome community. Anyway, in my 6 years playing this game, I have been lucky enough to go from humble beginnings to becoming a well recognized shiny/event collector among the player base. I am very grateful for my success, and players who know me know that I like to share my luck with others. So it is with great pleasure I would like to officially announce, "Outlaw609's 6 year anniversary giveaway extravaganza"!! All interested players have to do is be at the Celadon City Pokémon center on Wednesday, June 16th at 1pm GMT+0. Simply pm me and mention the giveaway once you are inside the Pokémon center and I will give you a free event Pokémon. A couple extra lucky players might even receive a shiny Pokémon instead! The event will last for 2 hours, or until I run out of Pokémon to give away, (I have at least 40 to give out). The only restriction is that this event is exclusive to the Silver Server, sorry goldies! Pokémon being given may be from any region, so be prepared to not have access to them immediately if you haven't completed all 4 available regions! (astrella when?) Pokémon being given are mostly my original trainer, but not all of them, fyi. Please, only one gift Pokémon per person. Also, players who express anger over the Pokémon given, jealousy over "his is better", etc. will be added to my block list, plain and simple! I'm choosing prizes randomly, so please be grateful that you're getting one and let's have fun with it! I'm anticipating absolute chaos, so please bear with me as I single handedly try and make 40 or so people happy! Anyone attempting to arrive early to circumvent said chaos will be disqualified! I want to try and make this fair-emphasis on TRY! Good luck everyone, I hope to see you on the 16th at 1pm GMT+0! -Outlaw609
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