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  1. eh, fine. 3.9m and an iv reroll it is. Im just finishing up at work now, i should be in-game in about an hour we can trade
  2. how about 3.8m and an iv reroll? (you can easily get 700k for it)
  3. As the thread title suggests, i was given a second heracronite when i won the bcc today. This was my 6th day winning in a row. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, so i wanted to report it here. I took a screenshot of my inventory as well. Thank you for the awesome update guys! -Outlaw609 <- the og
  4. Even better still, Crystal onix is already coded into this game. An npc used one during the 2017 Xmas event. What is interesting though is that the Crystal onix was an ice type!
  5. Did you get the pokecenter at evergrande city? (Hoenn poke league)
  6. Without the pokes id number you're screwed. So u basically need a screenshot
  7. I had the same problem on my laptop. It was an antivirus issue. I had to specify PRO as an exception to the antivirus. Hope this doesn't happen again
  8. Then why would you not close/edit the post? You should really stay on top of these things
  9. I'm a bit late, but happy birthday belz :)
  10. I use a calm drifblim with baton pass and stockpile. After flashing opponent 6 times setup 6 stockpile and pass to a physical lapras with shell armor ability. Have lapras use Dragon dance 6 times and sweep. You cannot be crit with this setup. I use rest for recovery on lapras.
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