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  1. AUCTION - Start 20m - Insta 35M - Min.bid 500k - 72 hrs duration - Accept CC(400k) and Pokemoney only Good luck and happy bidding!
  2. B0t

    Prison System

    Let me cook.. Long ago I was once got banned, I remember the feeling of sadness as I cannot play the game even using my alt accounts, and it was heartbreaking for me regardless of the reasons (unless if it's really necessary like hacks and others that may harm the PRO and the community), I was very enthusiastic playing PRO that time and I did wait for long of the conclusion of my appeal. What is this? It's a place like a Jail where users that got banned will be trapped there in jail bars until the ETA or the conclusion of their appeal is resolved. The users will be unable to chat(except on the local channel and help channel.) Their behavior in there may have a great impact on their case. They can talk to each other "so whats your story..?" something like that via local chat or channel. They can also help others through help channel for lots of questions that others may ask about the game, this includes the pricing and rate of the Pokemon, and also the tips and guides that others may need. Inside the jail, there are guards(NPC) whom you can interact with, to know about the rules and the details PROS: This will help the in-game help-channel to become more lively This will help the user to learn more about the rules, especially those new users who don't have access to forums and Discord. This will substantially decrease the boredom of those users who can't access the game because of being banned. This will be fun and effective in the long run IMO. CONS Not necessarily needed Takes too much time do and to make May disclose bans and sensitive information. The Targets? How did I get here? just earlier someone I know got banned, so It just came to me this idea and thought of something it can give benefits to the players, so here I am..XD Also if you want to add suggestions or even disagreed with it, feel free to discuss it below
  3. would you mind to show me here or in discord
  4. Hello, I'm looking for Pokemon with IVS like 29+ - I can buy worth 30m+ - I prefer correct nature and ability Send me Dms in.. - Discord: Dthon#5509 - Twitter: @kiznaiverdesu - Ingame: B0t
  5. +1, Back in 2020, I almost scammed someone for selling my godly ferroseed for millions. Good thing I told the buyer that ill train and evolve it first (to check if it really has a Hidden Ability) unfortunately, I'm right.. and it did turn to H.A. R.I.P me man..
  6. In terms of problem of being vulnerable and scammed, this would be plausible if it isn't hard to sell and auction a Pokemon, an in-game market tab that even newbie can easily access. Nevertheless, I still vote +1 as this will encourage hunters like myself.
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