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  1. Username: B0t Server: Silver Country/Timezone: Philippines, GMT +8
  2. let me know when u r free ^^ discord: B0t#5509
  3. As a shiny hunter, Obviously no -1 - Shiny is a exclusive thing that we can mostly get in wilds, and should be stayed or remain as it is. Shiny chance of Boss rewards, fossils. and etc. are already generous enough and we should be careful for what to add more. There are many ways to improve excavation, headbutts, and digs but these are certainly one of the least helpful suggestion and may possibly even ruin the exclusivity of shiny. My honest opinion is, an actual hunting is still the better way and what should we prioritize for in regards of shiny. -B0t
  4. just want to let u know, halloween charizard mount can cost for 300 - 500k each , dont ever pay for almost 8m, unless u wanted that many ^^
  5. BOTH AUCTION R OVER! TYVM B1 sold B2 sold
  6. @Shekhar786 @Royalboss tyvm, dm me ingame or in discord when u r free B0t#5509
  7. Hello, welcome to my small shop ^^ SOLD AUCTiON
  8. B0t


    @Gip dm me ingame or in discord when u r free ^^
  9. B0t


    around 20 mins left ^^ c.o 15m
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