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  1. Hi, can any mods check my log about my mysterious ticket? so the cronology, im sure i have 2 mysterious ticket, 1 i use for this month subway, and 1 keep for the next month subway. I cant sure when the last time i check my mysterious ticket, but i didnt even use it. Can any1 help me? Any response will be appriciate. Thanks.
  2. hi Jfon, its for payment i accept ms, im not selling ms thanks
  3. winner @TheCatcher. Pls contact me at discord: kevinnn#1876 or msg me here thanks.
  4. Hello guys, so i want to auction this togekiss with h.p. ice S.O. : 100k Min : 50k Insta: 1m Time: 24 hours after first bid. So for payment i accept, CC 360K and RR 700K. GL all.
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