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  1. Ingame: Pve Server: Gold Pokemon: shiny alomomola Reason: Accidentally released
  2. Cooldown of reroll ticket is different from susbot's cooldown. You can get the reroll ticket (or nature reroll ticket) after 7 days from the date of getting the previous reroll ticket, not from the beginning of sus bot
  3. You mean show the pokemons carrying the items you wanna find?
  4. Hi staffs, I think this is a bug in game. I used my other account (lovelong083) for suspicious bot. And I lost connection while battling. I got the reward, and i can still battle with it. Only when I relog or surrender, It works normally. Is that a bug?
  5. PVE


    Let's relog or replace the pokemons on your party
  6. Can not de-evolve bro, catch a new one
  7. Ingame: PvE Server: Gold Pokemon: scyther I bought it yesterday, and maybe i released it by mistake. Please help me restore it, thanks you.
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