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  1. Just wanna say its not epic! Good luck with action and pls change it cause many people will lose time for this like i did right now
  2. So i will take it or no cause i am confuse
  3. yea i can take it just in same min cause i end from work at 30-45min around so i need around 1 hour for come online
  4. +1 And think about somthing for mimik - luxray - brellom
  5. Hey i am intr for same shinys can i have the prices at discord or at in game?
  6. add more legenderys as soon as posible! +1 even if its og or new dosent matter for me just add new cool legnederys
  7. I think this is 1 good idea like you said at discord! But i think exept from items evryone have play this game for so long time (og players) deserve somthing more from new players! And here its my idea evryone have spend 1k hours at this game i think deserve somthing more special like the players with 2k hours somthing more special from players with 1k and and ea of this players! (1k-2k-3k+hours game time) For example the max i have see at this game its 10k hours (from few players) i think this players deserve somthing better from players with 1k and players with just 300-400 hours deserve somthing lower from this! I dont know i just give idea and let it be there! Have a great day evryone
  8. if i was in time i will make it 3.6 cause i think its 200k mb lets ask one mod if you win it enjoy it
  9. +1k for evry poke (if i win i will take them around at 1day)
  10. min bid its 10k and i offer 70k
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