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  1. Thanks for all the welcomes. When I started playing I was in one of the severs that converted to silver with the change (idk which ones went where, I think I was on Blue) Anyway thanks for the warm welcomes and I’m sure I will enjoy playing as long as the community is this great!
  2. Great tutorial. Been looking into Pixelart and I am interested in trying it. Seems like a lot of work though.
  3. Hello. Ign is Netherborne. Signed up a while ago and didn't really play but, now I am here playing this great game. I have been playing pokemon since first gen. I am not as familiar with the more recent gens, but I am sure I will catch on. Glad to be here.
  4. More harsh in all chats I say. No one should ever spam anywhere!!
  5. Hello everyone, Recently started playing PRO (signed up and played a while ago, but not much). While perusing the forums, I saw some mapper info and downloadable tiles. I used to mess with Warcraft 3 Map Editor and this is kind of similar. This is my first attempt at a map. I call it Wild Cove (working title). Any comments or tips are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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