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  1. I love the new animation and it finally remind me old games with real animations and game expierence. Keep up with the good work, finally a real Life isn't meant to be easy update!
  2. This is an hardcore MMO. You have to choose. Or you have a life or you enjoy the game. You can't have both. So stop complaining and join us, life is overrated.
  3. I'm even against the fact bosses drops more than 10k and items like sash or other battle items. +1. Bosses should be there only for the fun, not important reward.
  4. It would be good if megas are rare drop (1%) only at 3rd win bosses.
  5. I don't get why suddendly pro need to follow the anime.
  6. go suggest to delete trade chat and make everything untradable. It should make you happy, ye?
  7. great idea let's kill pokemon good for megas market.
  8. regular, delusional people abuser, it's everything legal (other than happening only in your mind). What are you talking about. Why I keep replying? Who tell him those 8 characters are splitted in 2 servers and not in the same? Also, I would love staff to tell us how many do solaceon with 8 characters in 2 servers.
  9. and something that exist since years and was never a problem.
  10. it was never abused in years (there are evidence like the price still being high and not cheap) and suddendly is abused? It sounds like you find out solaceon quest yesterday.
  11. so you are saying people only do this in pro. then what they need reroll for? what you are screaming is not happening since solaceon exist, like what, 2 years. It's totally nonsense screaming. If what you are saying was true, reroll would've be around 300k now
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