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  1. Welcome back and I will have to catto blush you.
  2. In Addition to Random Battles in PRO, it would promote players who don't have a PvP team yet to participate. And it would increase the overall amount of guilds/players that are playing. Random battles are a much better option for PvP. Since you don't need to spend hours upon hours to get the right pokes with the correct stats to overpower the current meta. A good solution for the rewards given to random battle ladder players should stay the same as PvP. But you would get half of what you get from PVP to compensate for it.
  3. Yeah +1 would like to see new players on ladder
  4. Hello @Electrocute4u Congrats on contributor looking forward to more of your content
  5. Must've taken you ages to do this all from scratch damn, overall very good guide and thank you for including our app in helpful topic section.
  6. Seems like the download links for all clients are broken you'll have to use the web version till I have this sorted Here is the link for the web client: https://map.djd.wtf
  7. Changelog: Changed overflow value from "auto" to "hidden" for HTML element "map-inner-cont". This removes the scrollbars display around the map and disables scrolling, but retains the hold and drag functionality.
  8. We've updated our domain the website is now called https://map.djd.wtf Check here for more info: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159909-tool-pro-map-interactive-spawn-explorer-v250-cross-platform-release/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-902683
  9. Note: https://promap.djdev.tech will soon be taken down so we have moved domains to https://map.djd.wtf
  10. I forgot to mention that https://promap.djdev.tech/ is still available if you don't want to download the desktop client
  11. The Linux client was tested and it works thanks to @Alixx7 for testing
  12. PRO Map is an advanced, efficient and interactive Spawn Explorer tool which can be used to locate/find spawns in seconds. We're back here to release cross-platform binaries (or "executables") for the tool, and it no longer would require hosting. The spawns in the app are fetched from the dumps (https://pokemonrevolution.net/spawns) at app startup, so they are always updated unless dumps are not. LINKS 1) Windows - Download link not working 2) Linux (arch x64) - Download link not working 3) macOS - Download link not working Due to the Download link not working
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