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  1. Note: https://promap.djdev.tech will soon be taken down so we have moved domains to https://map.djd.wtf
  2. I forgot to mention that https://promap.djdev.tech/ is still available if you don't want to download the desktop client
  3. The Linux client was tested and it works thanks to @Alixx7 for testing
  4. PRO Map is an advanced, efficient and interactive Spawn Explorer tool which can be used to locate/find spawns in seconds. We're back here to release cross-platform binaries (or "executables") for the tool, and it no longer would require hosting. The spawns in the app are fetched from the dumps (https://pokemonrevolution.net/spawns) at app startup, so they are always updated unless dumps are not. LINKS 1) Windows - Download Here (zip containing exe) 2) Linux (arch x64) - Download Here (zip containing deb) 3) macOS - Download Here (zip containing dmg) Notes
  5. I read the previous replies in this thread about the amount of money gained from trainers, I assume that hasn't been touched?
  6. Scara


    -99999 It's a rule for a reason
  7. Scara

    Poliweird mask

    poliweird sprite?
  8. lowkey best guide maker on forums
  9. Since we're using a free host (glitch) the website may me slow when loading stuff so you'll have to wait a bit, I'll try to port it to another host.
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