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  1. Nah -1 imo Safari pass is good, it gives you cheaper EVs, that's basically all i feel like that's all the safaris are used for except for hunting during safari weekends. And besides, at least with the safari pass it benefits you in a way, being cheaper EV zones, and some pokes are made easier to hunt, or able to hunt, i.e bulbasaur, in comparison, what would you have used with the shiny wingulls that would be bad for pvp almost every time.
  2. Last I checked, half of 200 000 wasn't half of 300 000. And last I checked, that's not how marketing works. If you want people to spend the most money, which is the case, you want them spending the most on the best value one. If all train passes had an equal day to $ rate, there would be no "better" pass to buy, having it be this way, means that the biggest pass, which costs the most money, is also the most money efficient, numbers below. 7 day = 14 285.7$/day 14 day = 12 500$/day 21 day = 11 428.6$/day 28 day = 10 714$/day Which as a result, means it's more money efficient to spend more money, which is a prime strategy in marketing, offer the best deal, for the highest price. Which as a result, means i'm putting a -1
  3. It's just the levels of the spawn, weezing is hard to work around because I'm pretty sure it functions as the most recent 4 moves learnt by level up, and for weezing, if you drop him below level 40, which is the level he learns explosion, he'd still have self destruct learnt, which causes the same problem.
  4. Does this not solve most of the problem? sure it's not an event map spawn, but considering the location of that event spawn it would be very op in terms of event mons in itself for that area.
  5. what a great game, +1 just for the memories
  6. I'm not opposed to having more, grants the ability to run more sets, however i don't like the general concept of it, logically there should be one megastone per person which is why i'm opposed to it, and the general idea that most pokes only have one set run with mega anyways, with maybe a few changes here and there. It's one of those things that sounds good, but is more effort than is worth
  7. What, your time is so precious you can't spare less than 10 seconds of it? Apologies if that comes off as rude, but seriously, this just seems incredibly unnecessary, and doesn't help at all. People have already requested to have the Sinnoh and Hoenn guards removed, and it's gotten a reply sometimes with the basis of map mechanics, but removing the whole subway map completely is just pointless.
  8. Black sludge is a different item though, it has a different purpose and does something different to different pokemon. adding fake items can have the same effect on pvp as adding fake pokes. Nobody will have any idea as to how it works, how it can be used, or how to play around it, and would cause more confusion and mayhem then actual good. Yes adding custom stuff would be cool and interesting, but at the same time could very easily have a negative impact on the game itself
  9. aight ready i been hunting for a lot of the event, this my best form:
  10. PvE shop would be good, considering it's an item that would be used almost for the sole purpose of PvE
  11. cyan, would you like to just post the screenshot of you doing it? and have mass recognition I believe when susbot was first introduced there was a contest for getting an NPC based on the amount of wins, i think doing something like that again sometime would be interesting, perhaps making like a basement in the house with all the people lined up on hitting the milestone
  12. -1 Leftovers is self explanatory in the image, it is food, that is left over, leftover pizza, is pizza, that you ate, but didn't finish, a leftover apple, is an apple, that you ate, and didn't finish. It is simple, and straightforward, and logical. Changing it, or adding more items to serve the same purpose, would ruin the overall aspect of it, and just get unnecessarily more confusing for people
  13. It wasn't supposed to work for a few years, it wasn't supposed to work at all. The problem with it was that it was a bug. You can't be selective on what bugs you want fixed and which ones should remain broken. A bug free game is an end goal here, and that one got fixed. Read this if you want an accurate answer, and then understand that it wasn't removed to annoy players. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/183928-escape-rope-cc-item/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1033222
  14. It had a reason, it wasn't how it was supposed to work. Now it's fixed, that's your reason. You weren't supposed to be able to do that in the first place.
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