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  1. oh i think i clocked it, so you mean like, having an item that replaces the pokemon with the move teleport, so you can use the abra/natu without needing to having a pokemon that knows teleport in your party. yea i could see that as being used, idk how much, or if it would benefit that many but i think i understand it now
  2. idk, to me it just sounds like a tedious replacement for subway, if it's still costly how much would it improve on subway, there's a reason fly was removed and replaced with the subway as is. My main concern is how would it reproduce the abra teleporting, since that's just done from one end of the route to the other, it's not really anything special, but adding this in just seems like it would be less than pointless, no offense meant. Adding onto the fact that you're still paying for it, it really just seems like you're adding a whole new item to skip one dialogue.
  3. actually i was, they made boss runs easier because you got back to the pc to continue your run, when i was training pokes i would escape rope to heal them, i would save pokecenters with ropes so that i could get back there easier later on without spending 2k more. escape rope, because i've got several hundred of them, so why not, it's called being smart AND lazy. Yes but you're forgetting that i also had steady replenishment of them, so while they were going down, they were also going up. Dig spots, Hidden items, i believe some bosses have them as well. Sorry but this is just a bad idea, it's not feasible, it game annoying to play, because it just means you aren't able to do anything long term without having it be taxed later on. What i want to acknowledge is this here: I asked for a measly number of 5, of the million, that should be simple, you named 2. Yes, i did claim that the impact of escape ropes is minimal because for the average user, they get use when they have them, but won't go out of their way to get ridiculous amounts of them. Since i claimed, and you acknowledged that i claimed, that the impact is so minimal, why's there need of something else that's impact would also be, as previously stated, minimal
  4. name 5 reasonable ones, that aren't just "make X more expensive" Any type of unlimited use item directly impacts the economy more than most other things possible could, for that reason alone is enough for me to -1 this. escape ropes aren't even that expensive in themselves, and you don't have to use them all that often as is, so having even a low number like 50 is still going to last you a really long time. I once bought 999 because i felt like it and it lasted me over a year i recall
  5. Steps taken Wild battle W/L Balls thrown Maybe some smaller stuff like: Trades completed # of messages sent in chat
  6. it does that as well. i dont think you can do it for individual subforums, which would be nice as well, but for the major groups it does that
  7. you can hide them already just by clicking the little plus icon, it's not individual subforums just the general categories
  8. simple, it removes the effect of chance. It takes away a prime aspect of risk from general hunting of pokemon, and as a result makes it easier for people just to catch pokemon, as they don't need to worry about getting a nature fail. Yes you can counter point with the fact that it wouldn't be guaranteed, however as it is, it's equal on both sides. Increasing it would just tip the scale one way. which would as a result, increase the chance of getting it, and removing the chance of not. It makes it simple and easy. If we're talking that it is added, I'd say give it a 20% buff for 1 day for, something like 50-100 coins, that would balance the cost, maybe increase the time of it, or buff the chance for right nature, but not guaranteed unless it costs 100 or above.
  9. Hey, as one of the moderators in the discord I can answer this well. We tried this at one point, it did not go well, we do not plan on trying this again any time soon, unless something drastic changes.
  10. I'd say +1 to this. Denied i think is needed, if not a whole subforum rather just an updated list of all the denied suggestions, to void people wanting to suggest stuff previously denied, which happens on multiple occasions, the accepted one i don't think is quite needed, since they won't really need to be found again once accepted, since there wouldn't be need to suggest it again afterwards.
  11. Thing is BMS is still only a boosted to 25% chance, it doesn't flat out tell you that you got a hidden ability poke, trace does, an ability from a pokemon. I don't know the exact statistics of it, but I'd be curious to know how many people actually use a trace poke for hunting. Your idea, is that it directly tells you whether or not your sync worked, which is just overpowered, i won't go into details as Iceflake summed it up already. Sync is already a 50% chance, which is as balanced as balanced can get, adding more onto that just makes the chances better. Adding a percentage booster would also be just as OP for the same reasons. Something like that would have to cost significantly more as it would at that point almost be guaranteed to get exactly what nature you want.
  12. I mean, it doesn't sound like an awful idea, it just sounds overly complicated and would provide more confusion and cause more problems than it would actually help out with auctions. It would just be easier to open up a timer app and then just set it on that instead. I see where you're coming from with this, but then there would just be the issue of having to have the timer always being there and available, which just sounds incredibly tedious to have to always put. To me it's a -1 just because i personally see it causing more problems than solving any major ones. I also figure eventually we'd have something like this with a countdown clock in an auction house whenever that comes to be
  13. this tbh ^ Knockout drops are the answer to this, you just use it and your poke faints, if you want to bypass the heal just put the poke into your box then heal the rest of your pokemon.
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