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  1. i think its a good idea, but how about having the tournament cycle styles so like first its OU, then UU, then RU, then NU, ETC. and then it keeps rotating
  2. 1 week tops, gives everyone the weekend to figure out games. and the week as cushion space or vice versa. matches are assigned friday night, or sunday night. if sunday night then you get monday through friday to work towards playing, and if you can't, you have the cushion space of the weekend to finalize the matches
  3. -1 gen 7 game = gen 7 mechanics = gen 7 moves adding gen 8 moves but nothing else of gen 8 just wouldn't work out imo.
  4. would make it too easy, -1 again, too easy, it's a fun game of chance to hope you get a good starter. and besides, you can hunt them later, does nothing. Also the perfect nature would have to be chosen, because for each of the starters, they all have a couple natures that can work well with them. so -1 you can't even grind that much money at the start, and the pokemarts aren't that stocked either early on, this would just do nothing imo. -1 you only fight like 5 trainers anyways, i don't see why it's necessary. +1 would be useful to
  5. in the Content Update Logs
  6. g3n3r4l

    Mega sableye rant

    well written, well said, i think the dependent ban will be mawile, while sableye is very strong, i don't think it'll be banned alone. Magic bounce alone means it can't have it's hp dwindled by toxic unless the switch in is predicted, however i think most teams would just use it as a lead, to block hazards. so it becomes mega on turn 1. Typing wise 3 immunities, one super effective type, and as you specified, not many. he's also got will-o-wisp, which basically means any physical attacker that doesn't go by the name mega mawile will have a a hard time killing it. so you have to res
  7. oh yea, didnt notice the same ID yes but Mr. Moso this here took me about 4 days of nonstop hunting constant farming in game all the time, to get, which proves that this statement is flawed.
  8. Expectations: Make Excavations Great Again M E G A MEGA Next mega update excavations will be back walross said something similar in the meantime excavations will be made great Reality: Exca still disabled, mega update come, and they add another mega to the excavations while they're currently disabled
  9. I'd want to +1 this, however staff have said on multiple occasions that de-evolution is simply not something they have the tools to do. It is not that they would not like to do it (which it also could be it's just not the main reason stated) it's just simply that they lack the utilities to make it possible.
  10. some people aren't respectful with real money and/or in game money, soooo sure not all people are, but some are the same.
  11. if you're comparing RMT to in game economy that is a terrible idea. RMT can basically be along the lines of "wealthier = wealthier" more you have in real life, more you get in game, which overall is just not fair. if the economy is blown in game, then it should stay in game and only regulate itself there. its a community that regulates itself not one player. It's how supply and demand works, as i've said. stable income = stable price if the income is damaged (disabled) its no longer stable, and the supply goes down, therefore, the demand goes up if the supply goes do
  12. suggested a couple times already, still +1 from me, my phone has a camera overlayed, so i can't open backpack, pokedex, or pvp unless i flip my phone 180
  13. new events dont have guides until players make them, simple as that
  14. so getting money is p2w, or being a veteran player. I'm not sure if i'm seeing it right, but would the solution to that problem be that old players should stop playing? It's not really their fault if they amassed a good amount of wealth throughout their playtime, they played before you, and got money while you didn't, and therefore have that money. And, i was a new player once, now i can do pvp and have a plethora of pokemon to choose from. But over time, many can amass large sums of money. Direct calculations for bosses in one month are as follows, X being the amount of money total. X
  15. gonna miss ya, have fun but just so you know spawn testing is done by bots and players, walross showed a video of it. but i just want to know now, how is it p2w? you don't need to pay to win at anything in the game
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