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  1. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it, but it's supa salty. I'm curious to see what other ideas you have aside from banning this Pokémon.
  2. Hello PRO, I'd like to take a minute to recognize the work of the individuals who have created, designed, and watched over this game in any capacity for the past few years. There's no way of ever knowing exactly how many thousands of lives you impacted in a positive way, but I assure you, it's more than was ever expected. Approximately 2 years (and one week) ago, PRO rolled out its BETA version which finally put an end to months and months of testing. I'll never forget how excited the staff and the players were to reach such an important milestone. While most of the names and faces have
  3. GGinin0713, To avoid all methods of cheating, PRO does not spawn Pokemon for players whenever a rollback occurs. While this situation is unfortunate, PreHax linked you to the forum post with the staff's position on this. Make sure to read over the post as it contains information on how you can avoid issues like this in the future. Best of luck,
  4. Good luck with your play through, Rockyjoe. Excellent free game, but don't waste hundreds of hours on it... or at least read around the forums for a bit before you do.
  5. Meh. Not really. I thought it was pretty creative. And he kept it going... Didn't sell out. :Cool:
  6. Re: Please dont put coins to change ivs <t>Disappointed.</t>
  7. Quoted for visibility. Could you not pass it because it was difficult, or because you were stuck due to an error in the game? (scripting error) If the walkthrough that NimrodTheGoat suggested doesn't work, then try to explain your problem and someone may be able to assist you better.
  8. Real-life advice: Forcing a public ultimatum on your team, implying that your volunteer work (substitute "time" for a real-world example) is more important than anyone else's, and using a profanity-laden rant is never an appropriate way to represent yourself.
  9. Using staff Pokemon in ranked PvP goes against everything you wanted for the staff and this game. How can GMs enforce rules and fair play when they openly admit to using Pokemon which give them a hand-picked advantage?
  10. Of course they should be banned from ranked PvP. If you're a staff member, hopefully you have the integrity to realize that you have an unfair advantage when you use your hand-picked Pokémon. Signed: Pretentious
  11. I remember there was a guy there teaching you surf for 8k with 1 week cd. In the past, there was a tutor on this map to teach Pikachu surf if you started with one. I thought the cool down was longer than 1 week, though... not sure what the current method is for this. Sorry. :)
  12. Hey there, nides06. I'd suggest heading over to the Game Guides section of the forums and taking a quick look at this guide for help. It might be outdated, but at least it's a start. Good luck. ;D
  13. Lemme see what I can do about that PRO Member status. ;)
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