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  1. Aw man :( Thank you for reading my application and good luck. Love you <3
  2. ● What's your Name/IGN? TR3Y ● How old are you? 20 ● Are you active in Discord? YES ● Where are you from? DETROIT ● What's your playtime?/How often do you play PRO? 3K HOURS ● What's your goal in PRO? TO WIN ● Why do you want to be part of Chaos? IT'S LIT ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? AGUMON ● What's your favorite animal and why? WHO CARES?
  3. Wow these are lit. They should use these for an Easter event. Can you make one for Manaphy?
  4. I think I speak for all players when I say that I appreciate the release of Manaphy... but this sprite just ain't it (at least for me). If we could have an NPC that changes it back to normal or something, that'd be appreciated. Going forward, I believe that the sprites of legendary pokemon shouldn't be altered in any way, shape, or form (because we only get 1). Or we should be given a choice of whether or not we want the sprite.
  5. Tr3y

    Team preview

    This was already suggested you bonobo. +1 though.
  6. Player name: TR3Y Showdown name: Xar0 Server: Silver Rank on ladder: 10
  7. Where is your Choice Band Rhyperior answer on this team?
  8. I agree with this post. I've been approached by so many people asking for stuff so I just automatically go to "Offline" mode.
  9. Smartest: njnp :D Friendliest: Mamathieu Funniest: Sugar9 Coolest: Gore Comeback Player of the Year: Akalli Most Talkative: Buzzn Most Trustworthy: Can't trust anybody. Most Helpful: PreHax Most Missed: Jaeco Most Influential: Mamathieu Most Intriguing: Buzzn Most Experienced Player: Walrosskastanie Best/Funniest Username: xRevolutionx94 Most Professional Guide Maker: Akalli Most Professional Discord Moderator: N/A STAFF CATEGORY STAFF CATEGORY Best Mapper: Eaty Best Artist: Aeolus Best Community Coordinator: Nebulas Best Moderator: PreHax Best Trade Moderator: Logan Best Game Master: Rekkuza Best Admin: Nikola Best Staff Username: Eaty Most Professional Staff: PreHax Most Dedicated Staff: Eaty Funniest Staff: Logan Friendliest Staff: Logan Most Honorable Former Staff: Rekkuza Most Missed Former Staff: Rekkuz
  10. Good riddens........... Nah but we spoke on discord so I understand how you feel. It definitely has been fun and I'll be making one of these posts soon but good luck outside of PRO my brudda. I'll be seeing you on discord and P1.
  11. Player name: TR3Y Showdown name: Xar0 Server: Silver Rank on ladder: 2
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