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  1. Okay my ign is Ailis
  2. Hello, I would like to insta Clefable 12. Ign Ailis
  3. A Wailord mount that takes up the entire surfing area. This is definitely the best decision to make :^) (Or a Honchkrow, I'll like that too.)
  4. Server - Gold I released my Blastoise by mistake. Please do restore it.
  5. In-game name: Ailis Server: Gold Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 31067663 The evolution window didn't appear when I gave it a Rare Candy. Please delevel my pokemon to level 99. Thanks in advance.
  6. Name Change Username: Aliceftw New username: Ailis Server to charge the money from: Gold
  7. Hey hey^^ I'm interested in buying that adamant tyranitar for 400k
  8. Nature : Modest Ability : Trace Ivs: 29 30 24 24 01 05 Price:?
  9. Is the Krookodile still available? If so, may I buy it? <3
  10. I'll buy the bold sap sipper goodra
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