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  1. Applications are open again! Bumped ^^
  2. Any more applicants past this point will not be looked at due to a revamp in our application process for the benefit of the applicants. Not currently an ETA on when applications will be open again.
  3. Added a few Mons, Removed ones that were Sold. Froslass, Volcarona, and Mandibuzz ended!
  4. Editting the shop, will be ready soon!
  5. When does the auc end assuming I would start it?
  6. I don't quite have enough to add to the convo, as it has mostly been said already. As much as I personally would love to play UU for a month on ranked, I can't see the rest of the community feeling the same. Genuinely would love to see a separate queue, because lets face it, unranked is dead and has been for years.
  7. The following auctions have ended: Florges - alfatrion1980s, 400k Riolu 1 - Yerimie, 150k @YerimiePlease contact me so we can schedule a pick up for the Pokemon. Alfatrion has alreaday contacted me, so no need to tag.
  8. @HawluchaaOk, I'm actually not 100% confident of what the Aero S.O. was for this auction, is there any way for you to check and confirm my previous edits? I chimped and deleted the Aerodactyl, but did not write it down for me to remember
  9. Updated the main post, so mons that have been Insta'd have been deleted. The following auction has ended: Aerodactyl - Dadaasdcfaw, 300k Trade Dump: Cypher Insta's of Slurpuff, Meditite(In-Game), Scolipede 2, and Cloyster Delta's Auction wins of Nidorino 1 and Jangmo VxiD's Auction win of Heracross 1 Allsmell's Auction wins of Gible, Tangela, Umbreon, Xatu, and Nidorino 2 Dmallow's Auction wins of Excadrill and Conkeldurr
  10. The following Auctions have ended: Nidorino 2 - Allsmell, 50k Xatu - Allsmell, 300k Tangela - Allsmell, 50k Umbreon - Allmsell, 150k Gible - Allsmell, 75k Jangmo-o - Deita, 75k Nidorino 1 - Deita, 50k Sceptile - NSlovesPL, 800k Please open the spoiler for the Sceptile Auction: Scolipede 1 - NSlovesPL, 350k Excadrill - Dmallow, 150k Conkeldurr - Dmallow, 250k Scizor - ColeIsDatBoe, 125k Heracross 1 - VxiD, 200k @Allsmell @DeIta @NSlovesPL @DMallow @ColeIsDatBoe @VxiD Please either contact me via forums or my Discord, Aggs#5274 so that we may schedule pickup.
  11. Bump. There should be a few auctions ending in the span of about 16-23 hours, so those will end based on the First Bid, or extended due to the Detailed Auction Rules:
  12. Let me know when you are available to pick up the garchomp! You can contact me in either Forum PMs, or my discord Aggs#5274.
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