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  1. Good luck on everything brother. Always sad to see but I wish you the best and always a friend whenever need be, even if you're a Liverpool fan hahaaa. I'll always be in the ILWFC. <3 :)
  2. My IGN : Gifting. Comment here your name and offer or pm me in game. Good offers only please, ty. [NOT AUCTIONS]
  3. pvp ready. start 250k, auction ends sometime Saturday. ty ily
  4. [ATTACH type=full" alt="116293]116293[/ATTACH] start 100k, auction ends sometime Saturday. ty ily ign: Gifting
  5. /gyazo.com/2741a6d7d5388ed3572da9f4281435eb Deadline: 5 days (2/17/2017) insta: 15mil c.o.: 5 MS by Guz93 /gyazo.com/e6ccec77a879cd09da80af98014bbb97 Offer! ^-^ IGN: Gifting (Can't post links cause I don't use forums often ;-;)
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