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  1. I've been trying to enjoy the different map themes while playing but seems impossible since battle theme interrupts on every encounter, so, i'd like to suggest the creation of an option to mute battle music so the map theme keeps playing on the background of the battle.
  2. Apparently it was Entei the pokemon i was missing, i may have gotten its seen data in a way that was not related to the quest, so it confused me since the NPC was asking for that, the seen data. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for your help!
  3. Today i wanted to finish the legendary beast pokemon quest so i could catch my legendary pokemon as soon as possible, and after i got the last "seen data" i required from Raikou in Mt. Silver 3F, i went back to talk to Scientist Rey, but he didn't change his dialogues just as if i didn't get all the seen datas. As you can see on the image i attached, i have Raikou, Entei and Suicune seen datas.
  4. Actually, the strategy should be set up at the time you are building your team, thinking about the right play shouldn't take too long if you know how your team works and how it interacts with the opponent's team. IMO, 5 mins is more than enough to set up your battle strategy (since every check for your team should be considered at the moment of its build), everything else should not have problems with 15 seconds. Atleast i wouldn't calculate the damage on each battle, neither stats, i know garchomp max spd is 333, since it's a meta pokemon and it should be considered, i don't need to calculate
  5. +1. It is really hard to play PvP when you don't have that much free time, since every battle turns into a time stall and takes around 20-30 mins. At first, 5 minutes are more than enough to make your choices in a battle, just at the beginning, if you need more time, you're doing something wrong. After these 5 minutes end, you have 15 seconds every turn, which means, even if you take your 5 minutes to think on your overall strategy, you will still have 15 seconds to continue battling, which i strongly disagree on this, i'd really eliminate the 15 seconds gift and just make them lose by time
  6. LOOKING FOR OFFERS. Stats when mega evolved: Ability: Magic Bounce HP: 264 ATK: 437 DEF: 139 SPATK: 239 SPDEF: 130 SPEED: 329 Contact me: in-game: Kumiho Discord: Tobal#4214
  7. Around 24 hours ago i was able to interact with this NPC, but somehow, she stopped working for me and some other people. I've tried relogging, restarting client and redownloading the game. https://prnt.sc/j70ybh
  8. Hi hi, im Kumiho, my fav pokemon is latios (ow dat cute dragon), i like to talk a lot with people, getting helped and helping others, i hate people that thinks that they're better than others, i like to battle, and i want to be a pokemon master :)
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