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  1. Never mind this...i already knew the attack ... noob me...
  2. My problem is that the Move Buffet cannot re-teach me Ice Fang, anyone know why? My Gyara is 36 lvl...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0W84VOuMTI This and other similar artists...all day....even when not actually listening to it :)
  4. Me! Nice to meet you! :) aaaaand random snail... XD
  5. Thank you everyone! :) Happy to be here! :Cool:
  6. So the only way of getting shiny pokemon is just by hunting the 1:8192 odds untill you catch it? seems like a loooong looong hunt :)
  7. Thank you missy! :) also i forgot to tell i speak/write english/italian/very poor german, love europe's peoples! :)
  8. 1* raddUmad, i'm 28 years old and from Rijeka, Croatia 2* How many in-game hours? 60+ (hope we can negotiate :) ) 3* Regions Completed? So far none, but going trough Kanto 4* What is your goal in-game? I love the Hunt, so i am a collector 5* Why do you think Vesteria is a good fit for you? If u like fun, music and pokemon and helping each other out, i'm your man! 6* Whats the one pokemon you want to have on your team & why? That would have to be Moltres, but who knows if the devs will make it available... That has been my first TCG shiny pokemon card i got from a booster pack :) 7* What ability/skill can you bring to the Vesteria? positivity, every day! :) and i speak/write english, italian and bad (sadly) german. Multicultural af :P
  9. I already bothered some people on the IRC, will do some more XD thank you and happy to be here! :)
  10. Hello good people of our beloved Pokemon Rev Online! I am as you can see raddUmad, only recently started playing, didn't use the forum until now, 16 years into pokemon, on/off i guess. I have never played Gameboy, so i need to learn a lot of stuff here. Not much pokemon seen (180cca) caught about 80 and got gifted with mount/surfmount by a total stranger ingame ( Redeye: to which im super grateful <3 ). I like exploring, grinding (although ''like'' isn't the exact term i'd use :D ) helping people evolve stuff and have traded a few times with random folk of the interwebz. I always try to help as much as i can :Angel: I work at a warehouse in Rijeka, Croatia. Play pokemon about 2-3 hours per day. I used to play World Of Tanks for 5 years, but got tired of all the new stuff and baaaad playerbase, so i switched to a more peaceful game collecting my beloved pokemon. :thanks: for reading this and good hunting to everyone!! :Heart:
  11. Hello Shane! My favorite Pokemon has to be Umbreon! I'm from Croatia. The reason for me to win this gaming headset has to be to hide my huge ears while I play Pokemon, because other Pokemon laugh at me. :Smile: Good luck everyone!
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