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  1. What's your IGN? Realgeorge Please post a picture of your trainer card!https://i.imgur.com/heNpjEm.png What is your discord ID?RealGeorge#4629 How far are you in story?done with it :) How active are you in PRO? (How often do you play?) around 2-3hours a day Are you a PvP or PvE player? Or do you enjoy both? i do both pvp and pve Have you ever been banned in game and why? yes for reasons xD i cant say tho hope you understand Why do you want to join Calamity guild? because i have a few friends who still play and are in calamity and havent got many others
  2. hey, if you have already evolved the growlithe into an arcanine, it wont learn the moves it could have learned as a growlithe. There is a tutor in hoenn to teach it now, also you can teach it in the daycares (pre-evo tutor) after you beat naero from the cerulean cave.
  3. hey, I have heard of this problem and generally the fix is to reinstall the game, you need to delete all the files of the game .zip and APKs and then clear your cache and then install the game from the downloads, that generally fixes the problem.
  4. hey, dragon membership isn't an item you can hold, its just a qualification in-game. You can hold the dragon medallion however, which is the item you get after you caught 240+ pokes and its awarded to you, to battle the dragonite in dragons den.
  5. hey, you have to use the moon stone on the nidoran to evolve it, you can use it by clicking on the item in your bag and then clicking on the pokemon.
  6. -> MATCHES WILL BE DONE IN SHOWDOWN -> IT WILL BE PRO RULES, No megas allowed in gen7 OU. -> EVERYGAME TILL SEMI FINALS WILL BE BO1 -> PEOPLE NEED TO SUBMIT 5 TEAMS TO Incredibilis#0154 VIA PM IN DISCORD. -> PEOPLE MUST SHARE REPLAY OR INVITE OTHER PEOPLE TO WATCH WHILE MATCH IS BEING DONE -> PEOPLE WILL USE THE 5 TEAMS SUBMITTED TO ME ANY MOVE CHANGES OR POKE CHANGES IN THE SLIGHTEST OF THE TEAMS WILL LEAD IN YOUR DISQUALIFICATION -> Only Silver players can join the tournament. -> Free for legacy members. -> 50k to be paid contacting RealGeorge#4629 or Incredibilis#0154 in discord for non-members. -> Please join the Legacy Server to get updated on the info. 1st Prize : 4m Cash! 2nd Prize : 1m + 1reroll! 3rd Prize : 850k Cash! It starts on 5th of April and Registration ends on 4th of April! Any queries/suggestions are welcome in my PM.
  7. Legacy not recruiting at the moment! Will find space for the last ones who posted. Thank you all!!
  8. Legacy Gold is a gonner, Only silver here on out xD
  9. Recruiting members now! Be a part of the legacy .
  10. Legacy is a merged guild between the previous Legacy and Simplicity on the common goal to became a much more active guild and get higher on the ladder. The old legacy was originally from Yellow and because there was no competition in that server, we moved to Silver. Simplicity is another merged guild between Origin and Cocktailbar. We are a casual/PvP guild that aims to be as active as possible! We strive to be the best in whatever we do, including : --->Be one of the best PvP guild in-game<--- --->Be a trustful guild family<--- --->Be one of the best Service Provider in-game<--- --->To earn people respect<--- [spoiler=Guild Ladder Ranking] Guild PvP Season 1 = 3rd Guild PvP Season 2 = 4th Guild PvP Season 3 = 3rd Guild PvP Season 4 = 2nd Guild PvP Season 5 = 4th Guild PvP Season 6 = 6th Guild PvP Season 7 = 8th Guild PvP Season 8 = 8th Guild PvP Season 9 = 7th Guild PvP Season 10 = 5th Guild PvP Season 11 = 4th Guild PvP Season 12 = 2nd Guild PvP Season 13 = 2nd Guild PvP Season 14 = 1st Guild PvP Season 15 = 1st Guild PvP Season 16 = 1st Guild PvP season 17 = 1st Guild PvP Season 1 = 7th Guild PvP Season 2=8th Being active , friendly , able to use discord, must have at lest 200hrs in game playtime and last but should be at least 15-16+ (age) are the only requirements for joining the guild. You should be willing to communicate with other guild members via Guild Chat or Discord. Please note that Officers and Leaders reserve the right to remove you if you act in an offensive or toxic manner. Type in the follwing in comments to register ! Kanto: completed Johto: completed Hoenn: completing Sinnoh: completing Story pokemon to rush Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. PvP pokemon to help you battle in the PvP ladder. A Discord bot specially for PRO! Read more Theminho and Fantazi Laeters, RealGeorge, Safichu, Raj, Oda, Alex and Anthony. Ynwa, Papabeer, Farzeen, Aiz, Dino and Onkar.
  11. Yes, the assault vest Raises Special Defense but prevents the use of status moves.
  12. This is at the Moving Pokecenter near the Entrance to the Bug Catching contest!
  13. It doesn't fix the bug.
  14. I've tried restarting the client and walking on my feet, couldnt go to that spot. Although, i could go to the block on the other side of the light stand so i thought it was a bug.
  15. the comma for the money was placed in the wrong place. i had 0$ and then after i fought a boss, the comma was on the wrong place.
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