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  1. Username: Will1994 Server: Silver Country/Timezone: England/GMT+1
  2. Why do you want to join NoMercy? I want to join Nomercy because im looking for a guild to take part in socially and take part in alot of the awesome events i hear you guys doing like the kanto tournament! What can you contribute to NoMercy? Im a player from 2014 so pretty damn oldschool,got maybe roughly 40 boxs of pvp pokes,and id like to think im not too bad at pvp either!:) Have you ever been banned in PRO, and why? Years ago i used sleep talk while awake not realising it was banned and got pvp banned for a bit and also i got trade banned once for changing my mind about buying a trash poke, Other than having fun playing the game, what are your goals in PRO? Im a massive Kanto Player,I have all pvp viable kanto pokes and my aim is to just hit the meta with my kanto pvp teams and have fun haha! How old are you and other than English, what languages do you speak? 25 and besides English,I speak Turkish and a bit of Russian(I can read and write i just need to improve my vocubulary) What is your discord name and ID tag number? mahmood2223#3423 (Example: teerav#0975) I discord name is will1994 #1670 Provide a screenshot of your Trainer Card.
  3. In-game name: Will1994 Server: Silver Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 4191228 Thank you
  4. Re: epic ha abra timid <t>You are hilarious,trying to sound smart? Gl selling that for millions but let me amuse your fantasy with a counter offer of -200k for the abra,sound good? if so il take it</t>
  5. Re: epic ha abra timid <t>do not post bids i did not make,i offered you 200k via in game, not via forum,remove it.</t>
  6. Re: Careful Contrary Malamar full trained <t>405k bo</t>
  7. Re: Careful Contrary Malamar full trained <t>mate im in game when you are ready</t>
  8. Re: Careful Contrary Malamar full trained <t>370k bo!</t>
  9. Re: Careful Contrary Malamar full trained <t>350k it is then</t>
  10. i have 900+hoen hours,219 evos,full hoen dex,caught mew,celebi and suicune,all dex entries for legendaries,lats,regis,groudon,kyogre,rayq etc ive faced them all beaten them all got jirachi dex entry but when i go to the moon nothing happens when i touch the stone,anyone know what i might have missed? as far as i know i have met all the requirements,thank you(dont know why but after another click it worked) sorry for wasting time
  11. Re: ♦ Multiserver Coin/Coin items Giveaway (Red/Blue/Yellow) #2 ♦ <t>im in red. <br/> ig will1994</t>
  12. Re: ♦ Multiserver Coin/Coin items Giveaway (Red/Blue/Yellow) ♦ <t>OH yeah sounds awesome! red server will1994</t>
  13. Im trying to help him ingame,he has the same number of evos as me and i was able to get the bell,but i do not know if he battled and killed the dogs or just ran away,but even if he did run away how would he rebattle themn if that even is the case?
  14. This was a request for help,you typing here did no such thing so i will kindly ask you to keep your opinions to your self unless you can help with my predicament.
  15. I count 13 unless you mean valley of steel and pokemon leauge which dont have teleporters and ive been to the rest twice as I stated. What am I supposed to do now,im wasting time for no reason wandering. Cant you somehow implement a code for the teleporters to have just be ready or something?
  16. Forgetting my error of placing the topic in the wrong place is anyone gona help me?
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