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  1. Yeah i sended PM ing, im verm
  2. S.O 2m. Time: 24hrs after first bid. Min bid: 100k Insta 5m.
  3. Need Kanto and Jhoto only. Contact Grebin75#1006
  4. As already mentioned the possibility of random battle in PRO I would suggest a system, it would be a weekly ladder where you could only have 3 losses, while not having the 3 losses can continue and winning matches, about the rewards maybe RC (random coins) and a new shop for it (i'm not sure what would be more adapted to it).
  5. 24hr auction after first bid S.O 6m
  6. DISCORD: Grebin75#1006 INGAME: Grebin75 Grebin75 Registration 23-12-2016 Last online Ever and Forever Playtime 2495 hours, 59 minutes Rules: Only accept ev orders with lvls Lvl can be ordered alone Max 3 days to take your poke Evs 129 EV'S - 15k 252 EV'S 30k 510 evs 40k LEVEL (90/95) (40K Pokemon in their first phase) 80k including EV'S (80K Pokemon in their second phase) 120k including EV'S (160k pokemon that have no evolutions) 200k including EV'S
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