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  1. Username: Limit Server: Silver Timezones: Reino Unido (GMT+1) Country: Reino Unido
  2. Look my shop,I have a wall where it indicates how the signature is put. the image in your profile is already because of the weight of the image
  3. It is not about every day, just that they inform us sometimes
  4. This morning an ad appeared that the spawn from alola had been changed to geodude alolan and it has not changed.
  5. You say something nonsensical, when there are many people who do not speak to each other for some reason and the new ones cannot access certain parts.
  6. it has no logic so we will never win a wq. Why is it sometimes assumed that some people do not want to participate and for some we pay those who really care about the wq
  7. how much reason so many wq of bidof and none of them gave us a prize, we spent many hours hunting I am poor and the little pokeballs that I had I wasted My time other than that the summer event got me down a lot too late I still appreciate that they made us 2 wq but not in such an inappropriate way
  8. Very sad this wq again 2.5M ivs its hard
  9. 2 tuttor of stealthrock
  10. Limit

    World Quest

    +1 not +1mill
  11. Nice accessory and outfit gl
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