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  1. @Kvar They know the command to reset pro with factory values?
  2. Esto no genera nada bueno solo ignora y ya deja de quejarte. Hay mucha gente toxica es verdad lo que dices, pero en ese caso es mejor ignorar o bloquear en el juego 1 ignorar es la mejor opcion, pues dado a eso cuando tengas que comprar algo en trade te facilita 2 Bloquear no te lo recomiendo, por muchas cosas: Pierdes acceso a ventas Pierdes acceso a guilds
  3. Sandygast jangmo-o cutiefly rockruff grimer alola meowth alola rattata alola exeggutor alola geodude alola sandshrew alola vulpix alola dhelmise komala raichu alola marowak alola mimikyu digglet alola
  4. Starting price - 5m minimum increment - 1m Insta 20m Accept ccoins - 400k ends in 72hrs after the first bid
  5. don't be so hard it was 1 min or 50 sec ago the difference was not long ago
  6. 1. with Ash Greninja. I meant in general, not just you. 2.stupid is not. because they only try to ban pokes that are not even banned in showdon. And as you said yourself, you will not allow it as long as toxapex is not in the game. (not even toxapex can stop a mega mawile) 3.mega mawile can be defeated, i've played against some and i've won 4.see the meta with only defensive pokemon based on toxic, thunder wave, recovery bores, because the only thing they ban is offensive and not defensive
  7. Ash greninja was also banned because of your crying, if you continue at this step we are going to play with barbies as I said it's a bit annoying to stop it but you can, plus I don't even use mawile
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