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  1. I have lost my whole party of pokemons trying to doing mega gengar quest in hard mode . Mew Darkrai Togekiss Kadabra Naive Sync And i don't remember the rest of the team.
  2. @FrostyjoeReborn pm in discord bvilela#2714
  3. Time: 1 days after start. Start offer-1m min bid- 200k Available Payments: Coin Capsules (400k) and Pokedollars insta- 3m
  4. start b.o 500k Insta: 1,5m by Tetsuyama96 Min Raise:100k 48 hours after start. sold.
  5. Battle tower reward system say you receive 25 pve coins and 0 itens i wanna know if is bug or normal now?
  6. thank you i have stop for 1 year and i forgot .
  7. I have get latios and latias dex in pvp. I have try found latias but i can't found. So I tried to go on the moon and capture jirachi . But now i can't get latios because tv say this all time. https://prntscr.com/hv516y
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