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  1. Hello, @limewire123! I am online on Discord right now. I will try to PM you in game as well.
  2. An unhealthy Battle Bond: The Ash-Greninja case The other thread has quickly gone downhill and I am late to the party, so I decided to make a new thread instead, in hopes of getting more of you to notice this post and maybe read it. From what I have read, I can tell that some people are really underselling Ash-Greninja’s capabilities due to the presence of a few so-called counters and the fact that it does not activate Battle Bond without getting a kill. A Pokémon can still be ban-worthy even if it has checks and counters. Ash-Greninja was still extremely potent in SM/US
  3. Hey! I already bought a Bold Swablu and removed it from my Wish List. I mostly need Adamant, Jolly, and Impish now, but I am also looking for Relaxed and Modest. Those 2 are not a priority, though. I recently updated my original post (on page 1), but I might have missed some stuff... Thank you for letting me know and have a good day!
  4. I am online on Discord and in PRO right now. Let me know when you are ready to trade. Edit: Trade done!
  5. Hey, I would like to buy the Adamant Gyarados for 1.5m.
  6. Hello. That Tentacruel is very good, but I am not looking for one, as I bought one some months ago. I have been keeping the original post as updated as possible. Thank you for your interest, though! If you have anything else that I am looking for, please let me know. Specifically looking for the following: Bold Magic Guard Clefable (31 speed, 28+ IVs) Bold/Calm/Sassy Regenerator HP Fire Amoonguss (24+ IVs) Naive/Timid Protean HP Grass Greninja (31 speed, 24+ IVs) Naive/Timid Protean HP Fire Greninja (30 speed, 24+ IVs) Adamant Limber Lopunny (31 spee
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