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  1. Hi @Chromejoey @Veyz @batesy85 @YASIRALIKHAN786 Thank you for applying to our guild. I'll message you in a bit.
  2. Hi there @Chromejoey If you're interested, feel free to visit New Leaf's forum page. We're mostly a community guild that talks on Discord, with 1-2 events/month. We just like to chill and help each other out.
  3. @Brightwood @Moriyun Thank you for applying to New Leaf. I'll be sending you guys a message soon.
  4. Raika

    Nikola Boss

    He's unique in the sense that if you manage to defeat him, you get another attempt to catch the legendary pokemon you've failed to catch as a reward, which other bosses do not have. Honestly, it's a change that won't effect a lot of things, you're right on that part. Idk, we'll see if anyone else has an opinion on it.
  5. Raika

    Nikola Boss

    Nikola is a unique boss. You'll only ever battle him if you failed to catch a legendary. A 7-day cooldown feels too short for a unique superboss.
  6. Raika

    Nikola Boss

    You're fine. Getting a disconnect, server side or not sucks, and I can understand that. I still think 21 days for a cooldown is fine, as 7 days would be too short. Nikola has also been reworked as well, meaning that if you get a server crash you can simply re-challenge him again. If you disconnect due to your internet though, that's a different story. If you failed, just come back better prepared. But, that's just my opinion.
  7. Raika

    Nikola Boss

    When I said preparing, I was referring to the moment before you catch the legendary pokemon, not after defeating Nikola. If the servers are crashing, or your internet is unstable, just wait for it to get better before attempting to catch your legendary pokemon. You're not going to wait the full 21 days doing nothing either, you can wait while doing other things.
  8. Definitely +1 Yes please, i'd love that as well. Great suggestion overall.
  9. Raika

    Nikola Boss

    I know how it feels to lose to a boss, especially one that has a long cooldown like Nikola, but I think 21 days for a cooldown is fine. You won't be battling Nikola under normal circumstances anyways, and will only try to battle him if you've failed to catch a legendary pokemon, which you shouldn't considering you've prepared in syncs and masterballs before the legendary battle. Now that you know he's a superboss, I believe you'll be more prepared the second time around. :) -1 from me. Sorry.
  10. Okay, your idea is to: - Make the Nocturnal feather harder to get from wild Pidgeotto. - Have an NPC sell Nocturnal Feathers for a set price after you've finished the Kanto subway quest. - Be able to fly anywhere on the map using a Nocturnal Feather as a one-time use similar to an escape rope, only during nighttime, with no additional fee. Well, I can already see this being a problem since you would only be able to fly when it's dark. Also, unless you state a price for how much these Nocturnal Feathers can be bought for, the subway system right now is good as is, and does not need to change. -1 from me unfortunately.
  11. Hello! Thanks for applying to our lovely guild. I'll message you soon.
  12. Hello, thank you for applying. I will send you a message soon :)
  13. Hi, thank you for applying to New Leaf! I will send you a message soon.
  14. Hey there Karp, thanks for applying to New Leaf. I'll send you a message soon.
  15. @nohandlebars @Pheonox @LifeisNoodles Hi, thank you for applying to New Leaf. I will send each of you a message soon.
  16. -1 Saying you hunted 6 days doesn't really mean anything. For all we know, you could have only hunted for an hour per day. The sync chance is fine as it is. There's no need to change it, and honestly would you even feel the difference between a 50% chance and a 51% chance?
  17. @DLoki @ToxicalOctopus Hi there, thank you so much for applying to our guild. Sorry for the delay as well, i'll be messaging you guys soon :)
  18. @wizardhungria @GoxEz Hi there, thank you so much for applying to New Leaf. I'll send you a message in a bit.
  19. Hi, thanks for applying. I'll send you a message soon.
  20. @borisgl @Kungboksue Hello, thank you guys for applying to New Leaf. I'll send you a message soon.
  21. On the team you mentioned, there is no real abuser of sand. Garchomp's sand veil ability is something you can't really rely on. Instead, you should use an Excadrill with either a swords dance or rapid spin set. Excadrill has trouble breaking past Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Rotom-w, and Manaphy. Teammates like Magnezone or Serperior help take these pokemon out so Excadrill can do its job. Also, you said you were finding a sp.def staller for the team? I suggest an AV Tangrowth. This will give you a good water resist on the team, and with regenerator, it doesn't need a healing move.
  22. Hi, thanks for applying to New Leaf. I'll send you a message soon. Thank you!
  23. Just Jojo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w_uufUG9Ac
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