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    Hello champs! Are you thirsty for competitive play, willing to learn newer or older generation metagames, or perhaps just want to have a fun time? Well, join the PRO Tour!


    Welcome to the multi-generation tournament. Taking inspiration from the Smogon tour, this will be a bo3 monthly tournament. The metagame for the tournament will be decided by the participants for each match, with the current formats being BW, ORAS, SM, SS OU. The first pick will be decided by a coin flip, alternating picks.


    There will be a sign up fee of 100k and all sign up fees will be used for the prize pool. We will also add an extra 1m to the prize pool. The prizes will be divided as follows:

    1st: 55% of the prize pool + One reroll ticket

    2nd: 30% of the prize pool + One nature reroll ticket

    3rd: 15% of the prize pool


    Once the brackets are made, each participant will have 5 days to schedule and do their match. If no effort has been made to schedule by the end of the 5 days, the match will be decided by a coin flip.


    We're trying to get 32 people this time, so sign up while you can here:

    PRO Tour Discord -

    and head to the #sign-up channel.

    Sign ups will end on the 5th of November, or until we have 32 people.

    Please do not sign up if you cannot commit any time. No toxicity or you will be instantly kicked.

    Also, even if you don't feel like participating, feel free to join and spectate anyways.





    Q: Will this be a Silver or Gold tournament?

    A: You can join regardless of your server. I will collect the fees in Silver, and Kboww in Gold.


    Q: I've played 1 match with my opponent and won. We couldn't schedule after that and ran out of time to battle. What happens?

    A: A coin flip will decide who moves on to the next round. One for each match, considering effort in scheduling of course.




    Hosted by:




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    Hi everyone, before you go ahead and read this guide, keep in mind that this is a spoiler-free guide, which means I will guide and give hints to you so you can progress, enjoy the quest, and try to figure the puzzles out yourself, without spoiling too much of the quest. If you came here in search of a guide that will be holding your hand, tucking you in bed, and reading you a bedtime story, then you came to the wrong place, sorry.

    On another note, contrary to popular belief, this questline does indeed give out hints and dialogue for each part of the quest to help you figure out where things are. The Content Scripter team did a great job in regards to this, so kudos to them, and for people who did not read at all and still said the quest was bad and confusing, please don't take the fun out of this event and spread false statements to others. Thanks!



    Before starting, I recommend bringing a team of level 100's, including a level 100 Pokemon that knows the move Leaf Storm, such as Rotom-Mow and Serperior. You'll also need either a Ferrothorn that knows Leech Seed and Protect and Rotom-Wash, a Pokemon that knows the move Destiny Bond, or a Sturdy Donphan with Endeavor and Ice Shard / Infernape holding a Focus Sash with Mach Punch and Endeavor.


    Also remember, dialogue is important!




    To get to Alto Mare, head to Vermillion City and go South from the gym. 

    You should meet Sailor Dionysus who will take you to Vulcan Island Shore for free:



    After arriving, go West to Alto Mare Shore. There will be 2 low-level trainers in this path. Battle them and keep going West to reach Alto Mare!





    Alto Mare is a beautiful city of water and also the setting of the fifth Pokemon movie, Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias.

    Take your time to talk to the NPCs and familiarize yourself with the city, as that will be quite important in the next parts of the quest.


    After exploring for a bit and crossing a certain bridge on the western side of the city, you will meet a girl, Merilyn, and Riot. Both Merilyn and Riot say that they need to catch the girl, after which the girl runs off. Merilyn says that they will need to ask around for some clues.




    This means we will have to ask around for clues ourselves. From here, several NPCs will give you clues as to where the girl is. Try interacting with the NPCs in the town, and around the beaches, to gather clues. Once you have enough clues, try checking the obstacles, such as the trees. You only have a limited amount of tries before you fail, so make sure you have enough info or clues before checking the obstacles, because each time you restart this part, her hiding location will reset. Some clues include here being at the eastside of the city, being near some lifebuoys, or hiding in a tree.

    Once you find her, follow her to the museum, which is at the Northern part of the city. She will be waiting for you in front of the museum. Interact with her again, and follow her.




    Once you find her for the third time, follow her again.


    She introduces herself as Bianca.





    Go to the museum once more and speak to Lorenzo, the museum's curator. After a bit of backstory, follow the curator, and go back to the museum.

    Finally, once you've finished the cutscene, you will be tasked to find Latias in order to help Latios. Lorenzo informs you that Latias gets scared easily. That should be our hint to find Latias!




    In this part, Latias is hiding in an obstacle. Avoid the Kabutops at all cost, since they will screech and catch you if you get into their line of sight. The Kabuto spread around Alto Mare are quite harmless, they will only screech and make a terrifying noise, surrounding the area with a scary sound.

    Once Latias is found, she will scurry back to the museum. 


    We will have to battle Merilyn and Riot.  So get ready, this is what your team of level 100's are for. Their roster is:




    Once you defeat them, go South towards the beach and help Bianca, Latios, and Latias. This part is where we want to prepare our Leaf Storm Pokemon. Speak to Bianca to start the cutscene. You will have to protect Latios from the incoming Kabutops. Lorenzo will be key to this part of the quest.




    The Kabutops will be coming from all sides. Whenever Lorenzo tells you to watch out, that means a Kabutops has spawned. It doesn't mean they are close to Latios.




    You can only let 3 Kabutops reach Latios. If more than that reaches Latios, then you'll fail the mission. Spawned Kabutops coming from the Northern side of the map will walk way faster then the ones coming from the left and right sides, so you will want to focus on them, while making your way to the top. Leaf Stormimg the Kabutops is a guaranteed OHKO, and will hasten the battle, since the other approaching Kabutops do not stop and wait for you to finish battling. 

    A tip for you guys who are struggling, ignore the Kabutops on the bottom left and right when starting, defend and take out the already spawned Kabutops to your upper left, while inching your way North of the map. If Lorenzo doesn't remind you of spawning Kabutops, then battle the Mega Aerodactyl, since keep in mind, the Kabutops will still run towards Latios. Even if you've defeated Mega Aerodactyl, you will still fail if they get to Latios.

    You can brute force your way through this of course, but what's the fun in that?


    If you make it to the Mega Aerodactyl, use one of the Pokemon mentioned at the start of the guide to take it out.


    Congratulations! You finished the quests. Now enjoy the following cutscenes as well as your rewards. You deserved them. Thanks for sticking with me through the whole guide!


    Art used:

    Gen 5 animated Greninja

    Gen 5 animated Delphox

    Latios & Latias Alto Mare poster


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