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Complete Christmas event Guide


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Hi guys! In wake of the release of the Christmas Event, I've decided to create this guide to make sure that you guys can easily navigate through this year's event. I want to give a big shout out to Necro, LightningVector, Heiwajima for the help they gave me in making this guide. Also, a super huge shout out to SyaoranLi and the rest of the staff team for their guide on the first part of the event. You can visit it HERE. This year pro has cooked up some exciting new things for us so with that said let's get right into it.







1. XMAS Questline


2. Eumi Island

- Advent Boss

- Eumi Tokens


3. Santa and Grinch

- How it works

- The Pokemon that can be turned in

- Pokemon with New Halloween Forms


▹You need to be the Hoenn Champion

▹ Free reign to travel between regions

▹ At least 15 to 25k For Travel

▹ Having access to the PokeCenter Teleporter in Hoenn will be helpful. (NOT NEEDED)




All Credits in this section go to NECRO. Necro was such a big help in giving me actual video footage of the quest. You can see his video on his Youtube Channel




To start the quest you will need to first head over to the Lily Cove Docks.

Once you are in Lilycove City Ports, to the left of your screen you will see sailor Jacob Interact with him. Sailor Jacob will ask you if you want to go to Eumi Island, say YES and get ready to pay 5k :)

[spoiler=Sailor Jacob]2060483382_ScreenShot2018-12-02at10_38_16PM.png.395369406f69cd34ee24cc4eecb5438f.png


Now we are at Eumi Island. From the port, you want to head north into Eumi Island Theme Park 1. When you try to go ahead deeper into the theme park the receptionist will stop you saying that they are experiencing blackouts and that Waston said something was wrong in New Mauville



From there head back to the ports and sail back to Lilycove City Ports. Once back in Lilycove make your way to Mauville Which is located just south of Mauville City, in Route 110 and surf East until you are at the entrance of New Mauville. There you will see Watson and the officer Shamac, talk to them and they will say that investigating a pirate ship at Lilycove City Ports that belongs to Captain Phantom Crew who stole an Important Machine part. [spoiler=Dialogue]218944468_ScreenShot2018-12-02at11_11_00PM.png.033822ccf9491e8498724b28bf40a0cd.png



From there head back to Lilycove City





Once you are back in Lilycove City head east until you arrive at a black ship, Once next to the black ship enter it

[spoiler=Black Ship]827866122_ScreenShot2018-12-02at11_34_35PM.png.e654c28bd95c8c48eb31ee9c1527196a.png


When you first get on the ship head north and walk up the stairs. Once up the stairs, you will see a white door you can enter into. Enter it. [spoiler=Pathway]1749068646_ScreenShot2018-12-02at11_50_19PM.thumb.png.b7a5f1a0d0a60f28635f442a555c0aa8.png

Beware that when making your way to the white door there will be a very high number of trainers that you will fight on this ship. Their pokemon levels range from 30 to 45. Once you enter Captain Phantom's Cabin continue north and make your way up the stairs. From there make a left and continue up to Captain Phantom.

[spoiler=Captain Phantom ]783593099_ScreenShot2018-12-02at11_57_29PM.thumb.png.e9af2f96b4607de9c36a98f9c15a733d.png


A few trainers are in the way but nothing you can't handle :) Get ready to fight Captain Phantom



[spoiler=Team Composition ]

1. Chatot Lvl 42 Chatot_XY.gif.b7e3ea8b223497c4906da7ab6325bee4.gif

2. Pinsir Lvl 40 Pinsir_XY.gif.7d36e23f55750e0756d09c35631db277.gif

3. Sharpedo Lvl 41Sharpedo_XY.gif.36d243af2ad36105ca8c486bc1bec1f5.gif

4. Dustox Lvl 33 Dustox_XY.gif.2db97f657b537337b42c325cd913cbc4.gif

5. Beedrill Lvl 42Beedrill_XY.gif.659188bd9fd101028c587c940dc7e78a.gif

6. Typhlosion Lvl 41Typhlosion_XY.gif.b1d3be5cdb1f0897ad15c45eece8acba.gif


Once defeated Captain Phantom will give you the machine part back. From there you can head back to New Mauville and talk to Watson




Once you get back New Mauville and talk to Watson he will thank you and take the machine part back. After that dialogue pops up theme directors dialogue will pop up and say that the theme park is now finally back up and running with all thanks going to you. [spoiler=Dialogue]1325130627_ScreenShot2018-12-03at12_55_47AM.png.24bab6b6fa755f7cf9fa183b44daeeb3.png




From there head back to Eumi Island and you should now be able to enter the theme park with no problem at all. Have fun :) [spoiler=Theme Park]828465815_ScreenShot2018-12-03at1_29_24AM.thumb.png.159539ac65eafb5fb9330603233478a2.png





Credits for this section go to my fellow Discord Moderators [uSER=2208656]LightningVector[/uSER] & [uSER=1837673]Heiwajima[/uSER] for providing images and Information




The Advent Boss is a friendly person whose main goal is to bring the players gifts but only if they can defeat him in battle. He is a boss with a different random team every day and gives rewards that are pretty decent and Eumi Tokens which is unique to Eumi Island.


Team Composition: Random Everyday


Team Level: 100


Location: Southwest of Eumi Island Theme Park 2


Cooldown: 24 hours


Rewards: Pokedollars, Eumi Tokens, PP Up, and Level Ball



Eumi Tokens are completely unique to Eumi Island. To gain Eumi Tokens you must defeat the Advent Boss. He gives Eumi Tokens every time you defeat him. You can defeat him daily. Eumi Tokens can be redeemed inside the Casino with King Dice at the counter. The Casino is located. Northwest of Eumi Island Theme Park 2.


Eumi Tokens can be redeemed for the following item






All credits go to SyaoranLi and the rest of Staff team for the images and explanation. You can click HERE to read there guide on it fully.


This year The Evil Grinch is trying to ruin the jolly feeling of Christmas and make things go terribly once again. But this year he isn't challenging us he is challenging Santa Claus himself. Santa Claus and The Evil Grinch are competing with one another. The Grinch challenged Santa to go in search of the best possible gift while He goes for the worst possible gift that he can get. That's where you come in and winners will be rewarded after every advent




Santa Claus and The Grinch both need our help to them achieve their goal so they can beat the other. The Advent winners will be chosen based on a point system, The current person with highest points will be announced via System Message.


[spoiler=Point Example]qYUdrgiNZQgihWZMWpFy2upAj.png


[spoiler=Pokemon that can be submitted:]

[spoiler=Pokemon that can be submitted:]Jvb8yuFMKQGPKUyDrvpu4SquZ.pngiX9wQ5MPuaLAgcqIIifLwX5Ae.pngmWjW75iab8uNlVIvoFOnpGFe8.pngN9PwRyiW5oYdMOk678jQmasJi.pngF2qfvxUfu9s5Y3yIKRs2sXeT8.pngjDIdI6sSXCdeRF2wQvtAoSneW.pngchoiJkYTLmlrEyBVPtJkEmwPG.png5GB1jf2M77podTjgQ05UXAoJB.pngjDWsHbbLVfxbkJvH3hqRCuHD2.pngtgMA6s8lR9vhl2xCNe4iFO1Z3.pngydVnKb10eQYegwUdPVKJN9qJC.png1EeSav0SqlIkesncGl4B7RCks.pngvZZB8eAlXCvNMeBSo8fvG4Vu5.png




(Rarer Pokemon give more points; Santa Claus only accepts good natures; The Grinch gives bonus points for no natures!)




Santa Claus is in Search of the best possible pokemon that he can gift. This means the Rarest Pokemon (including Shiny, Pink, and Holiday) with the best IVS and Ability will get the highest points. At the end of every Advent Cycle. Santa will choose his best pokemon as the winner and the winner will receive their award.


Santa Rewards:

2nd advent:


(Guaranteed HA, timid)

3rd advent:


(Guaranteed HA, adamant)

4th advent:


(Guaranteed HA, adamant)


You can find Santa in Eumi Island Theme Park just North from the ports on Eumi Island

[spoiler=Santa Location ]1n7cAT0XQXaSycFnyYBH9g.png.ac4678240efccee04175e17965ac89b6.png



The Evil Grinch, unlike Santa Claus, is looking for the worst Pokemon possible. The rarer your pokemon (including Shiny, Pink, and Holiday) the more points you get but the Evil Grinch wants the pokemon with the Worst IVS and Ability possible. The most terrible pokemon earn the highest points. Just Like Santa Claus, the Evil Grinch will choose a winner at the end of every cycle.


Grinch Rewards:

2nd advent:


(Guaranteed timid)


3rd advent:


(Guaranteed timid)

4th advent:


(Guaranteed adamant)


The Grinch is located inside the Burning Tower which is North West on Eumi Island

[spoiler=Grinch Location]o8QlSrEzSCWBBe-k53dDlg.png.f94caa35e5936b7e5b7076602a3f1296.png


Below is the List of pokemon with Christmas Sprite Available. I do not have pictures for them. [spoiler=List ]Dratini + Evos.

Litwick + Evos.

Eevee + Evos.

Ralts + Evos.

Riolu + Evo.

Torchic + Evos.

Mudkip + Evos.

Treecko + Evos.

Vulpix + Evo.

Mareep + Evos.

Snorunt + Evos.

Axew + Evos.















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