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Making Outbreaks Automatic

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Outbreaks could turn automatically once a week or month with random poke from a pool of 20/30 pokes that appeared on outbreaks and on random location, taken from a pool as well.
I thought about this because we didnt have cutiefly outbreak for 6 months already and outbreaks are being turned on very rare recently.

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Weren't we supposed to be able to collect mysterious tickets for the world quest for guild island? my guild all got together and got ready for that and it didn't get fixed @Eaty players should be rewarded for their grinds and efforts farming isn't fun nor easy and its time spawns and such things that hold the market and players back from obtaining necessary pokes to PVP with get evaluated. Since you changed the way to enter guild island you should also have more frequent different outbreaks to correlate with that. The idea should never be to make it more inaccessible to get necessary things like it has been in the past make it possible to more valuable Mons easier and more consistently as a long standing reason why people are always leaving is they get bored of the monotonous grinding that game requires constantly if their were always new things and more outbreaks their would be more players which would make you guys more money and also allow you to increase amount of staffers you have by the same virtue as players eventually become staff.  Maybe consider getting some more pokes to add to the game other than Megas like Blacephalon, Keldio, Kartana, Celesteela as well to shape a meta that you guys see to be less stale than the current one. 

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