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  1. Weren't we supposed to be able to collect mysterious tickets for the world quest for guild island? my guild all got together and got ready for that and it didn't get fixed @Eaty players should be rewarded for their grinds and efforts farming isn't fun nor easy and its time spawns and such things that hold the market and players back from obtaining necessary pokes to PVP with get evaluated. Since you changed the way to enter guild island you should also have more frequent different outbreaks to correlate with that. The idea should never be to make it more inaccessible to get necessary things li
  2. Super helpful!!!!!! Thank you for making these
  3. Look nor and jump both were ladder players last season and to call them "not good enough players to counter aegislash" is complete nonsense unless you were one of the other 23 players in the ladder you simply are not as good as them and should recognize these facts as they are very much more likely to be better players than u guys comparably, move on with life. Reality is this mon is disgusting and virtually the most op mon do to its sheer number of sets and it has an ability that doubles as a protect and a stat reducer/scouting move at this point its clear as I said before we need A high rati
  4. As One of two leader of the Empire I really don't know how I feel towards this idea as I come back to it a few months later with lots of new perspective about the topic. I really feel like the plan of giving "PVE" guild a route to the island has just too many logistical problems. The extremely sad thing I have come to find running a top guild is that have a sneaking suspicion not be a jerk but I really willing to put myself out there and say I dont think their are really any "pve" guilds that are actually better at PVE. Before you guys freak out let me back up my statements with a way that
  5. I mean its totally irresponsible of staff to have let this Pokemon be playable at all without considering its destruction to the meta its clearly overpowered to the point where players are laughing at its insanity. In the future we should have a staffer whos responsibility solely is to be the person who players can make the criticisms to before hand and he is expected to live and die by the sword so that this never happens again. If something like this were to happen again players should have a name to associate with such decisions so we know whos fault it is and where to direct our frustrati
  6. this can not be allowed or the intended use of this post but 625k
  7. What are even the rules of this auction if you can even call it that 600k
  8. +1 honestly believe this would reduce the amount of botters if anything
  9. +1 crystal forms look so cool always wanted a crystal steelix from the show!!
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