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Mysterious Ticket

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I've seen a lot of people recently complaining about current state of world quest. Basically that not everyone gets a chance to participate, to not say about getting a ticket.
I was thinking about other ideas, similar to world quest, maybe a bit easier in some cases. This would be working as monthly daily quest - I'll put some examples below.
This would of course reward a mysterious ticket and it could be done only once a month. Since current WQ rewards only those players that "donated" some % of pokemon (I dont know how to put it in words, excuse me) these quests on the other hand would reward them just after being completed.
I think that this could be an option for those that did not participate in main WQ (current one). Of course there should be added some restrictions like maybe first 100 people to complete the quest or so but I'll leave it up to you guys.

Quests ideas:
- Win 20 PvP Matches (Ranked/Unranked)

- Complete Doctor Task 50 times
- Catch 5 Pokemon of 140 IVs (or so)

- Help the Newspaper for 15 days in a row

- Visit every Sinnoh/Hoenn/Johto/Kanto gym leader (I think this would be pretty funny)

- Feed 8 pokemon a day for 10 days (something like Brock's quest before the doctor tasks)

- Participate and get placing in Bug Catching Contest 18 times
- Train 3 Pokemon to level 100

- Fully EV train 6 Pokemon

I think that would be it as of now. These are just the ideas, it doesnt have to be exactly as I wrote above (could be 10 PvP battles for example). Feel free to upgrade/fix my ideas, I will be glad to read your comments.
Feel free to leave a like and follow this topic! Have a great day!!!

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"To hurt others is part of being human but...
Sometimes we hurt people so much
That there is no way to fix their soul...
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+1 to the various idea, opinions follow:
- i think 20 pvp matches would be good, but i feel like it should be higher, because many people that play can get like 60+ wins a season depending on how much they pvp
- doctor would be nice, it's not something i think many do, and it's not a hard one to complete, but it's tedious

- catching pokemon, ok, but that's entirely luck based

- solaceon quest already has the possibility of giving you an iv reroll, i think it would be to op to give that and a ticket

- gym leaders could be interesting, if they all gave some sort of quest, that forces you to do 32 different quests for a ticket

- feeding pokes is another thing that im neutral on

- Bug catching i think is good, but should be higher imo, i understand its daily, so it would take long to do, but its not a hard thing to do, and we are talking about legendaries here

- training pokes i think should be higher but i like the concept

- ^

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If I had to fix this issue I would start it the other way around since the Wq is something completely unique, I wouldnt create other quests which replace it. Especially because all those quests already have their rewards. Instead change the circumstances imo.

How the Wq was before was much better imo, btw. Im not really sure why it got changed, if I had a guess I'd say its because there were problems with the random auto start. Else I cant really imagine.


What is there a issue with the current wq?

- Some people dont have time to participate because of time zones

- We need less than 24 hours

- Only once in a month

- Needs a few hours


While the first 2 points are the main problems for most.

You could double the time, double the IV's and half the needed percentage for example. But that would also mean there are twice as much Tickets archived and its meant to be rare. In other hand it would be a compensation for the fact that it is much rarer now.

It would be nice to know if staff are discussing a change in anyway since many people seem unhappy with it how it is right now.

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Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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Adding one more HUGE issue with the WQ: It is entirely possible for you to get the ticket and still receive nothing valuable after all that effort to get the ticket.


Some of us have to spend like 5 hours in the middle of the night when we should be sleeping already, only to receive a trash pseudo-legend that we can't use because it's bad, and nobody would want to buy it either. It's just going to go straight into the trash bin. So in the end, what we got after all that effort was exactly the same as if we're not doing the WQ at all.


Either the pseudos have to be guaranteed to have 20+ IVs in SpAtk, Atk, and Speed (the three most important stats for most pseudos), or they have to be made to hold a valuable item, like a Master Ball for example, which would be useful for the next time we do get a legend from the ticket.





Make it easier to get multiple tickets so that we can get overall more chance for a legend.

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Since servers are more stable now, maybe this would work. Bump!

"To hurt others is part of being human but...
Sometimes we hurt people so much
That there is no way to fix their soul...
And we lose them

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