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  1. +1, yeah, I hope one day we get Quest Note/Log.
  2. +1 An ability to mark locations would be great as I sometimes forgot where's the move relearner or where's the PVE Coin shop NPC, or where certain tutors are.
  3. Same, I'm also waiting for it to be back and I'm sure a lot of others are also waiting for it too I don't think we even got any explanation for what was the issue with lending that's so difficult to fix?
  4. Not the leveling system. I'm curious, have you actually played the official games in like, the last 5-6 few years? Because it seems like you forgot something XD The guy you quoted is right, difficulty in leveling after evolving is a PRO-exclusive feature. In official games, evolving did nothing to the amount of exp required to level up. For example, Lv52 Litleo and Lv52 Pyroar both needs 8,448 exp to level up. I know for sure, because I tested that in Ultra Sun (a.k.a. Gen 7) just a few minutes ago, while typing this post. In PRO, as we all know, Pokemon have higher amount of exp required to level up after evolving. This because, as tested and found out by some players back then in 2016, PRO actually use a different formula that relies on "base exp yield". https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/16044-delayed-evolution-purpose/ The talk about "base exp yield" is from page 10 onwards. Page 13, in particular, might be a good read since there are examples there. In official games, "base exp yield" refers to the base amount of exp a Pokemon gives when that Pokemon is defeated. Or in other words, the base amount of exp obtained. But PRO worked that into the formula for the amount of exp required to level up. "Base exp yield" is usually higher from an evolved Pokemon, hence why in PRO the amount of exp to level up is higher when the Pokemon is evolved. Have you ever noticed how much exp Pokemon in PRO required to level up all the way to lv100, compared to official games? Official games maxed at 1.6 million exp depending on experience group. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Experience Meanwhile, in PRO, lv 98 Kadabra takes 2.6 million exp to level up, and that's just for lv98 to lv99. And that's Kadabra, imagine if it's Alakazam. Lv99 Goodra even takes 9 million exp to level up just from lv99 to lv100.
  5. I don't know why the hell you want to sell some of those away, but yeah, Heal Powder and items that only heal 1 specific status are utterly useless, so it would be great if they can be sold to the Item Buyer, or recycle-able at the Item Recycler.
  6. +1 too here If it's doable, having Vivillon patterns implemented would be great.
  7. +1 Or maybe have the game announce it for every 10k IVs submitted? Like, the total IVs required is 150k, so when people submitted enough to drop the remaining number to 140k, a system/server announcement is made that says "we need 140k IVs left", then announce it again at 130k IVs left, 120k IVs left, and so on And once it reached below 10k, the announcement is made every 2k IVs
  8. They're not ignoring this one, they put this as high priority, it's just that server stability was on a much higher priority Now that the server is far more stable, I wish they focus on this first before bringing out yet another region. We need more space before we can catch more Pokemon in the new region.
  9. Currently no. But maybe in the future we'll be able to change our Kyurem into its Black or White form.
  10. +1 I guess, it's not exactly a bad idea.......but it does make the bot command in discord kinda useless unless you don't have the pokemon in your dex yet. And if I may add, having these also listed in the pokedex as well would be great: * evolution method * the EV given if you defeat that Pokemon
  11. I like the specific changes except the Juan part - please bring back Juan as GL (or at least as a boss somewhere in Hoenn?), I like him Maybe have a rotation where every 7 days the Sootopolis GL changes between Juan and Wallace?
  12. ......those berries are from Gen 3, not Gen 7 But anyway, yeah, I don't see any reason to not add them, so +1. Although, their description in PRO should be more clear about their drawback (if I recall correctly, they are only usable as hold item, and bad to be used by Pokemon with certain natures, depending on the berry)
  13. Honestly I'm not sure either about whether a regular Mewtwo will be made catchable or not, however, I like the idea of a "clone spawn" map akin to Pinkan's "pink spawn". I think the starters have to be specifically excluded from the map though. So that they still can release them (again) as limited time event in special occassion.
  14. That would be great, especially the Alolan form entries, so +1 to this. Also if I might add, having evolution requirement listed in the pokedex would be nice to have as well. Not only people no longer need to ask "how to evolve X" or "at what level X evolve" since they can just look at the dex, it also means people don't need to get away from the game to google it since again, they just need to look at the dex.
  15. Something I just noticed now while hunting in Pinkan Map name: Pinkan Island Forest Pokemon: Plusle Reason: Plusle and Minun are counterparts, but currently their spawn in Pinkan isn't exactly balanced - you have Plusle in two places (Forest and Meadow), but Minun is in only one place (only in Forest). I suggest removing Plusle from the Forest so that there's just one Plusle spawn in Meadow, and one Minun spawn in Forest. Or you can also add Minun into Pinkan Island Meadow instead of removing Plusle from the Forest map, but I think making Forest spawn less cluttered by removing Plusle would be better than adding more spawn to the Meadow.
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