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  1. The only Zekrom move that Kyurem-Black can learn, is Fusion Bolt. Right now, to have Fusion Bolt on Kyurem Black, you need the Kyurem to have the move Scary Face before fusing it with Zekrom. Scary Face will become Fusion Bolt on Kyurem-Black. If you already fused your Kyurem, unfuse it via the same crystal thing in the cave, teach it Scary Face, then fuse it again.
  2. wouldn't mind this, although it would be even better if there's an option, either to the port town of the current region for 2.5k, or we can pick a port town regardless of region for 5k.
  3. +1, that useless egg slot is such an eyesore XD
  4. +1 Also event forms too, in addition to shinies. Regarding rarity, between doing wild encounter or headbutt/dig/excavation, I feel there's no real difference in the encounter itself, the only difference is how you trigger the encounter, which is by interacting instead of by walking. And not every interaction yields an encounter, exactly just like how not every single time you walk into a grass you will get an encounter. Plus, headbutt/dig/excavation have limit, not only in the number of times you can do them per week, but also, they're limited by the number of trees/holes/rocks you can interact with, unlike regular wild hunting which you can do 24/7 anywhere. So I don't see how adding shiny chance to headbutt/dig/excavation would greatly affect rarity and suddenly make shinies/event forms far more common. (also, considering headbutt/dig is a money sink via the cost to travel the regions, and excavation is a money sink via the cost to enter the areas, giving more incentive like this would make people sink more money into them)
  5. +1 I've heard before that the intention is so that there's a reason for people to hunt at the Safari, but......maybe do that with a Pokemon that's not the starter? The imbalance here is far more obvious because we have other Kanto starters to compare with Bulbasaur.
  6. Just for the record, an additional info from me, a Physical Sceptile is indeed possible thanks to its expansive physical movepool, particularly with Adamant/Jolly nature. (But you'll most likely not gonna run it as Mega. If you want Mega Sceptile, Modest/Timid set is better.) If you ever want to make a proper Physical Sceptile one day, in addition to high IV on both Attack and Speed, aim for those nature, either Adamant or Jolly works. I personally prefer Adamant since I personally think it needs Attack boost more, its base Speed is pretty high already. The rest like movepool, ability, item, and EV, are the same as what Electrocute already suggested.
  7. The only thing RotomDex added in Gen 7 games is making pokedex annoying to look at with its constant useless blabbering However, I don't mind an optional visual change that can make the PRO in-game pokedex has RotomDex frame on it A pokedex upgrading quest is also a nice idea, the only question is what would the upgrade add, and whether it's worth the time and effort to make a quest just for it. Personally I think the only things missing from the pokedex, are a display that tells you the rarity tier of the pokemon, and what EV is gained by defeating the pokemon. Oh, and there's no such thing as "exact" fishing rod usage, it all depends on luck (and fishing rod system as a whole is currently in needs of a major overhaul anyway)
  8. Adding "EV gained (when defeating this pokemon)" section would be a great improvement to the pokedex, so +1
  9. +1, this would be great for those who like to hunt/collect event forms
  10. That feels like it would be considered by devs as a big overhaul, lol Either way, +1, I've been waiting for a better PC box storage system for years
  11. I think suggestion #1 and #5 can be combined, making it so that Pokemon in outbreaks, that has event form, always has chance to be in event form in the outbreak. Outbreaks usually only last 4 hours anyway, I don't think it will devalue for example, xmas alolan vulpix by much if alopix outbreak has chance for xmas form. Alopix is still extremely hard to encounter even in an outbreak, with only 4 hours window I don't think there would be that many xmas alopix entering the market. However, having the event form chance enabled would still give people more reason to join the hunt during the outbreak. Some people already have good alopix/alotales, they won't care about alopix outbreak happening for the thousandth time. But chances are they don't have the event form yet.
  12. I think this is a question that's better asked directly to staffs (I think there's a subforum here for that kind of thing?) But iirc, staffs gets a reward in the form of a legend/shiny Pokemon of their choice if they've worked for the game for a while.
  13. +1 the Egg slot in bag is so useless since it ends up unused to this day, so might as well just turn it into Mega Stone/Z-Crystals slot
  14. IMO it would be nice to add a barber shop as an alternative to Magic Mirror, but yeah, with Magic Mirror existing as coin shop item, I'm not sure how to balance it to make Magic Mirror not completely useless
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