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  1. +1 This would be great, because currently, to see mega stats, you have to go through one turn first (the pokemon info card does not change in the same time as the mega evolution, it only changes at the end of the turn) So if the battle ends in one turn, the pokemon info does not display the mega sprite and stats. An update that allows us to see the mega sprite and stats out of battle would be great.
  2. Nice update, I hope Hoenn and Sinnoh can get fully reworked too. Or have they been reworked?
  3. ^ Adding more, there's also the issue of Abra knowing only Teleport. It's not the easiest Sync to catch for newbies. for Mr. Mime, I agree with your suggestion about giving it a new spawn, but not with using Mime Jr. because it's counted as Sinnoh Dex Pokemon. Having to use a Sinnoh Dex Pokemon to complete Kanto Dex in Kanto feels.....weird?
  4. We're all waiting for PC system update even since before we have Sinnoh XD But yeah, the staffs are aware of it, at least.
  5. That would be nice. At least the rock star and pop star pika's costume, since those are a cosplay of the trainer's Contest costume (in OR/AS) to begin with. And yeah, now that you said it, I think there is indeed a lack of yellow colored clothing
  6. So basically, decrease the reward but let people battle more bosses?
  7. Yeah, IMO there should be a warning saying it's not the way to go to Pewter City.
  8. See, that's exactly one the issues here. I did check the stele again out of a hunch, but nothing in the quest even hinted at checking it again. Or maybe there was a hint at the door of forest boss room, but most players escape via Escape Rope or just relog in the middle of the battle with the boss, because who the heck wants to walk all the way back to PC. And then many players are left wondering why the first lever they used to enter forest boss room doesn't work again, and the explanation everyone keeps saying is that the lever changed, so have to check another object for the new lever.
  9. Just edit the guide. For quote and stuff, just backspace. Or highlight the quote then delete it.
  10. Nice collection, and nice sorting XD
  11. I'm guessing people either post their guide in the WIP (work in progress) subforum when the guide is not finished yet, or type their guide in like, Word or Notepad until it's done before posting it in the Guide subforum. As for signature, click your name on top right of the forum, then Account Settings, then you'll see Signature option on the left side of the page
  12. The fact that Gen 8 Pokemon are on the dex does imply that the staffs likely will add them in the future, but how far is that future, we don't know yet.
  13. Enjoyment : Overall, enjoyable, EXCEPT the mountain part in the quest, that's all I can say. But I can't say I'm not puzzled at your spawn choice here. During the quest, we saw Wishiwashi in Burring Strait Underwater, so why Dhelmise is the one spawning there? Wouldn't it be more logical to have Wishiwashi spawn there, while Dhelmise is in the "~*so inaccessible it's mythical*~" Corsica Island instead? Also, the fact that we have to go all the way to Evergreen's last cave for Treecko spawn. It feels like it makes zero sense putting Torchic and Mudkip spawn in Matsuki but no Treecko, considerin
  14. +1 Yeah, escape rope already teleports us into Pokemon Center anyway, if someone wants to heal just walk up a bit to the nurse. IMO, Escape Rope should either: 1. teleport us to the entrance of the cave like in official games, but with team fully healed like it is now in PRO or 2. teleport us to Pokemon Center, but does not heal team But not both teleport us to PC and fully healed team. What's even the point of force healing our team when we're in Pokemon Center anyway? Either the Pokemon Center or the healing feels incredibly
  15. +1 It's just very weird that we don't have a spot for Treecko on the event island when there are spawns for Mudkip and Torchic.
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