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image.gif.e60b2c8941e538feb14c6d62c6ba4b7b.gifMusharna: Synchronize, Bold, 25+

image.gif.66ff830b069fe61c78eaa5b25d853ea2.gifKangaskhan: Scrappy, Jolly, 31SPD, 25+ATK,  20+other IVs


image.gif.67e5b9537ad300d26f5be83fd4000482.gifTogekiss: Serene Gace, Timid, 31SPD, 25+other IVs






Other Pokemon I'm looking for:


Altaria: Natural Cure, Impish, 25+

Amoonguss: Regenerator, Sassy, 25+

Bisharp: Defiant, Adamant, 31SPD, 27+ATK, 22+other IVs

Bisharp: Defiant, Jolly, 31SPD, 27+ATK, 22+other IVs

Breloom: Technician, Jolly, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Charizard: Jolly, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Clefable: Magic Guard, Bold, 28+

Crawdaunt: Adaptability, Jolly, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Crobat: Infiltrator, Jolly, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Diggersby: Huge Power, Adamant / Jolly, 31SPD, 28+ATK, 20+other IVs

Emboar: Reckless, Jolly / Adamant, 27+ATK, 25+SPD, 20+other IVs

Excadrill: Mold Breaker, Jolly, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Excadrill: Mold Breaker, Careful, 28+SPD, 25+other IVs

Garchomp: Sand Veil, Jolly, 31SPD, 28+ATK, 25+other IVs

Garchomp: Rough Skin, Impish, 28+SPD, 26+other IVs

Gardevoir: Trace, Modest, 31SPD, 25+other IVs

Gardevoir: Trace, Timid, 31SPD, 28+SPATK, 25+other IVs

Hippowdon: Sand Stream, Impish, 27+

Kommo-o: Bulletproof, Hasty, 31SPD, 25+SPATK, 20+ IVs

Mamoswine: Thick Fat, Jolly, 31SPD, 28+ATK, 24+other IVs

Ribombee: HP Fire,Shield Dust, Timid, 30SPD, 26+SPATK, 22+other IVs

Scolipede: Speed Boost, Jolly, 31SPD, 27+ATK, 20+other IVs

Serperior: Contrary, Timid, 31SPD, 23+other IVs

Swampert: Sassy, 25+

Tangrowth: HP Ice, Regenerator, Sassy, 24+


Full Wishlist:


20+ only




If you have anything listed above or pre-evolutions feel free to contact me for negotiations.

If you are from silver and have something from my top 3 priorities, I will most likely transfer.


Contact me here, in game or on discord




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