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I found a good suggestion for any mmorpg in reddit. The suggestion is-


What if we can hunt legendaries (more than bst 600) but can't catch them? They will be spawned by server every six or twelve our a day. They will have huge life/hp (like 100000000) and will not be catchable (even after using master balls) and killable at one encounter (because of their huge hp). Raid boss will end if it dies (if someone is battling but others have already killed it, the players will be able to battle but it will not be counted). It will be spawned randomly in the map (if it is spawned in hoenn, kanto players will not be able to find them) and  during raid boss, players will see the location of raid boss at top left of the screen. Example: Articuno raid boss is active in route 103 (poketime <the time when it started>, local time<same>). All players who want to take part in raid boss will go to the respective area and will try to find raid bosses and they will be common pokemon. The players who will deal more than a huge damage (like 2500 total) will get some rewards and top three players who deals most damage to them will get some special reward like master ball, money or something. If someone deals 255 damage and faints then again found raid, raid will have already 255 damage and also the damage dealt by other players and players will deal more damage. And we will count total damage of each player not only one encounter damage. I can't remember more but may be I forgot something to say but I already said the main idea.


Note: Raid bosses will not be catchable or killable at one encounter for their huge life. They will have 1.5 extra bst and good ivs and evs so it will be hard to kill them. We will battle with raid together and other players will have effect on one Raid and we can see hp bar going down when other is dealing damage on it (if it possible, if it is not, then other players will have effect but we will not able to see this)



Edit: Sorry, I forgot to say the moves that will not work/fail. So the moves are all one hit knockout moves, item stealing moves, the moves that makes target's hp equal to user, destiny bond, transform, moves like disable, the moves that forces target to do something like encore and all moves that cause sleep to the target. All other status moves will work 250×turn that we need to use them to other pokemons. And also accuracy and evansion changing moves will not work. And also ability like wonder guard, impostor, and sturdy will not work.

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-1 , As there are plenty of ways to ruin this, Endeavor is just one of the way to do that. You know the trick right? Even if these will get banned. It would be unfair to those who used rerolls to get them perfect and will harshly impact the in-game economy. 

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+1 to 0PaRk3R0's -1

sure in other MMOs there are ways to do this well, but in pokemon it wouldn't work due to various moves that immediately cause an issue. Endeavor is one of them, protect disable is another, destiny bond can just be used to instantly kill it anyways.


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I already said that they will not be catchable, it means they are too strong. Also thet will have no status effect, any move like protect endeavor will failed if user uses this. Sorry for forgeting this to say.

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What is this? Pokemongo? I don't like that idea. There are plenty of things to do in game already to not say about events, WQs and outbreaks.



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