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Problems after Reborn Commands Removal


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Hello all my friends. As you all know that with the recent update in PRO, the ^inspect and ^memberlist commands have been removed from the reborn bot. Due to which we are facing a lot of problems especially the Guild leaders. Not enough information is available in the memberlist present in the game. Like when did a member last come online and what are his ratings. And without inspecting anyone, we are not able to get accurate information about any player.


I request my staff members to find a solution for this.


Thank you.

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Hi there @princekashyap. Apologies for the inconvenience. 


We are aware that the removal from the commands due to some changes with discord creates an unprecedented issue. We appreciate that players take the time to make threads like these in order to improve the game or its experience. Unfortunately as of known there is not a system in place to replace these commands. 


I would suggest to move forward to the suggestion sub-forum for threads like these since they are more suggestions rather than giving out support. Furthermore posting here might give it less attention compared to posting it in suggestions. There's already a few threads about it that you can support. 


This thread will be locked & marked as resolved since it does not fall under general support (Nothing we can really do to support further here). There's also enough threads about it in suggestions for it to be moved. 


Have a nice day. 

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