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McSchitter's PC Giveaway Tournament - 30M Cashpool and 360 Different Winners

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Welcome everyone to my farewell tour from PRO where I will be rewarding just about anything I own to participants. If you would like to see everything I will be offering, you can see me go through my catalog in alphabetical order on my youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJdbqyYaCFo&ab_channel=McSchitter


For anyone interested in information why I am doing this then watch the video fully but is not important to participate in the tournament.


Here I will be going over the tournament information that is available. As I finalize more rules and information it will be added here and the Discord where you will be entering to event from: https://discord.gg/5Tamy76jEf





Special thanks to Celestic who also donated his wealth to the event.


The 1st place finisher will get the first pick of McSchitter’s PC, then 2nd and so on until the 360th player (rules on forum or his Discord will explain how all 360 will get placed once fully added).


1st: 12Mil + First pick in PC


2nd: 8Mil + Second pick in PC


3rd: 6Mil + Third pick in PC


4th: 4Mil + Fourth pick in PC





1. All Registrants must have at least 500 hrs (might be lowered if I see the need) of gameplay and are limited to one entry (I reserve the right to disqualify anyone before my tour starts for any reason).


2. This tournament will be battled on Showdown in the Little Cup format of Generation 6 using “Gen 6 LC" which can be found in the friendly battle playlist. For full format information read the official Rules and Policy posted:



3. If registration reaches 512 valid applicants, registration will close at the earliest December 31st. If we are not at least 256 applicants by that time I will determine if the deadline should extend to the end of January while looking at easing requirements to join such as hours and etc.


4. Brackets will be made based on player time zones to give the best scheduling possible. The number of brackets made will be based on multiples of 2 (4, 8, etc) and if one timezone has a big number compared to others it may need more than one to even out.


5. Time zone brackets will be played at 2 rounds per week to speed up the pace. Due to this, every matchup there is Best of 1. The final’s bracket mentioned below will be Best of 3.


6. Each individual time zone bracket will have a loser’s bracket and once all brackets complete, a final bracket will be made with 2 players of each timezone bracket. One will be the winner of the time zone bracket and the winner of the loser’s time zone bracket. In the final’s bracket, a winner’s bracket will draw a loser’s bracket finalist at random from a different timezone to the one they played in (May sound confusing and that is because it is. I will supply a visual to help you see this). Final’s bracket will also have a loser’s bracket.




7. This event will incorporate hunting. All valid caught mons must be the first evolution to count. Any Pokémon caught will have 2 IVs that you can choose to max out OR you can change the ability and leave all IVs as is.


8. I will announce in advance when the event will begin which allows you to start hunting. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF A CAUGHT MON PREVIEW and submit it in #caught-pokemon to use it in the tournament and state which stat will be maxed. Later on you need to ensure you post the same Pokémon again with your OT showing. (Sorry if you do not like this but there are ways to cheat otherwise and catch Pokémon ahead of time and then change their IDs because the game dev does not want to solve problems with server swapping).




9. Anytime you battle in Showdown, your team can have one Pokémon that was not hunted on it. This Pokémon can have maxed IVs in all stats. This Pokémon can change at any time so long as you only have one on your team per battle.


10. When deciding a coin flip situation (especially when the 1st few weeks will have 2 different opponents) I will judge the attempts each player made to work with the other. If someone is waiting for their 2nd opponent matchup for multiple days, I will give them more leniency because they made the effort to finish their matches sooner. If I do not have a clear winner in that regard I will flip a coin.


11. Disqualifications can be made during a tournament if someone is caught cheating. No disqualifications will be made for toxic banter in the Discord except if I or a moderator warn you to stop and you continue with someone (people have a block option, stop crying so much that you need a safe place to me).


12. You may request that your opponent prove they are not cheating prior to battling. To do this, you will request your opponent’s proof prior to battling and they will in turn have to message me privately in Discord. Your opponent must tell you that they will do this before you get into a match. If they do not tell you this, then you wait until they say so (if they still are not agreeing well after your agreed time to fight then message me proof). To prove no cheating, you must take 6 screenshots that CLEARLY shows your opponent battling you live and shows the stats of each of your 6 Pokémon and send them to me privately. When cheating proof is required, you cannot turn on the battle timer for 3 mins at the start of battle.


13. Pick order for the 360 Pokemon will first be by how well you place overall, and for all the ties in the brackets based on this, I will be randomly having names picked for deciding the order for these tiebreakers.

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Check out my YOUTUBE if you like fun shenanigans:


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  • Mcschitter changed the title to McSchitter's PC Giveaway Tournament - 30M Cashpool and 360 Different Winners

I agree with everything you said and the comment section too. Amazingly said and nothing will change unfortunately. I won't be joining as I don't PvP but wanted to say a lot of people are behind you in your feelings towards rates and the future of PRO.

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