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Suggestion Idea - Pc Box on Menu


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This just one idea i just thinking about. First of all iam sorry if this already suggested since iddnt checked suggestion history.


Roughly its new menu other then pvp/backpack/pokedex/trainer/social. we can call it pcs or pokemon storage or poke box etc. Its use for checking our pokemon on storage/box. Basicly same like pc computer but we cant use it to take or store pokemon, only checking and maybe copy stats. It can be really help when we hunting or for selling and buying. Example of use; if someone need to buy trash or epic mons and we think we have it, we dont have to go back to pokecenter or can be handy when we hunting mons to filling dex or even just to check items holded etc. There is some good side from this idea but down side is maybe escape rope usage will decrease


Thnx Much. Glhf guys!

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You can link pokemon from your PC by typing [Poke1234567] with 1234567 being the pokemon's ID number. So you can already link from anywhere.


Also, while hunting there is a preview that shows the stats of the last pokemon you caught. You have to enable it in the options, it's called "Caught Pokemon Preview".

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well, first thnx for reply xD. yes i am aware about pokemons id number, but we cant memorize all id number pokemon we have (idont even remember any pokemons id that i have).


Case 1 : where this feature can be really heplfull : just say iam hunting snivy at forest pit or solosis at isolated forest (this hunting spot really far from pc) an then someone want to buy gliscor epic 24+ ha jolly on trade chat. i remember i am buying gliscor 3 month ago but i cant remember is this gliscor ha, have jolly nature and have 24+, and i also dont remember its id number, so to find out i need go back to pc which nearest pc is ecruteak (around 5-15 min to go from forest pit- ecruteak city- forest pit again). its okay if i just go back once, but how if someone looking for another mons and i have to go back again every 10 min, this can be really annoying. for this case, i know that this feature can decrease use of repel or excape rope items, but this feature can encourage 'lazy bruh' like me to doing more hunt at isolated place like forest pit, isolated forest etc


Case 2 : when we do massive hunt. about caught pokemon perview, we cant see pokemons id. i mean i can memorize 1 or 2 stat of pokemon but icant remember more then that, therefore since theres no id number at caught perview, to check all 20 box mons i have caught, i need go back to pc again. iam aware we can just do screenshoot for pc user but for phone user, to check screenshoot, we need to reopen and relogin after every check. actually this 'id number feature' that give me idea about this suggestion 'storage box menu', being able to check and link ur poke box at anytime and anyplace would be great.


case 3 : holded item. we know that some item like rocky helmet or assault vest really expensive (120-150k and its very rare people selling this 2 items, i remember someone sell for 200k). and just like first case, iam right now hunting snivy, and someone selling rocky helmet for 120k, i remember i have buy 1 but not sure or maybe i have sell it , then i have to check my pc does my mons (my lando, zapdy, or any of my 5 chomp or 10 ferro XD ) hold it. i forget that iam running out excape rope, then i need rush back to my pc, check my box, chat the seller only to find out items already sold. or on other case someone (sultan) buying rocky helmet 300k and i cant remember does i have 1 and when i got back to pc, buyer already bought it :')

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