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Service Mega and Legendary quest - Vesper Shop


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Hi welcome to Vesper Shop - Gold





~ Main quest 300k (Reward - Vday Clefable)

~ Salamence Mega quest 400k (Reward - Salamencite)

~ Heart Scale Mail 400k  (Reward - Cupid Bow)

~ James Reroll Quest 600k (Reward - Nature/Lock Reroll)

~ Chess quest 500k for 10 win (No ralts)

~ Chess quest 1.5m 10 win (With Ralts)



1. Main quest > Salamencite quest > James Reroll quest. Heart Scale Mail is side quest. 

2. We only get 1 reroll from james quest, either lock reroll or nature reroll. we can only claim lock reroll if we clear main quest and salamencite quest

3. ETA; Main quest 1-2hr; Salamence quest, if start at night 1-2hr; Heart Scale Mail 3-4 Hr; James Reroll quest 1-2hr

4. As usual, I WONT TAKE ANY REWARD from quest. But if i ecounter WILD poke or form or epic or godly, it belong to me and ill take it.


5. 'Chess quest no ralts' means if ralts spawn while iam doing chess quest ill take it for myself

6. 'Chess quest with ralts' means if ralts spawn while iam doing chess quest i wont take it and ill pm you to catch it

7. Ralts spawn is RNG, it could spawn 2-4 time at 10 win (i saw someone got 2 ralts with 4 win). BUT it could be no spawn at all, so if you buy service 'with ralts' then it doesnt spawn you still have to pay 1.5m not 500k. BTW there are many people which ddnt get any ralts even after 20 win (i got ralts at 49 win)

8.What we get from 10 win chess? Last year we get 1 rr, love balls and red card. No guarantee same for this year




1. Price can be negotiated if some requirement is filled. ex: usable mudkip for swampert quest

2. Eta depend on difficulties, abomasnow can take 5-10 min; 200k can take 20-40min; 300k can take 1-4hr; 400k can take 1day
3. Every pokemon i catch while on service is 100% for mine, either accidently catch or required to catch including shiny, epic, forms
4. I dont take any reward from quest

~Mega Bracelet -300k

~ Mega 100k : Abomasnow



~Mega 200k : Audino, Banette, Tyranitar

image.gif.02885cf61fadd1e4a759fbd263306bab.gif  image.gif.fdaefef6b7ec51a9c17b4804aafa08a9.gifimage.gif.bac62d7c9cb50b5f7559aa39bf7c987b.gif


~Mega 300k : Alakazam, Loppuny,  Manectric, Medicham, Pidgeot, Scizor, Slowbro



~Mega 400k : Absol, Altaria, Blastoise, Camerupt, Charizard X, Charizard Y, Gallade, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Glaile, Gyarados, Latios, Latias, Mawile, Metagross, Sharpedo, Sceptile, Swampert








1. Requirement such play time, dex, region completion must be filled. 

2. Optional*, you can ask me to catch legendary mons and ill bring sync and take ss before catching but masterball is required

3. For legendary trio like Birds, Titan, Lake Guardian, i only sell service for 1st legendary (other 2 can only be caught by Mysterious Ticket)

4. For Kami trio/Force of Nature, ill catch all required mons to catch all 3

5. Every pokemon i catch while on service is 100% for mine, including shiny, epic, forms

~Legendary 300k : Creselia, Heatran, Kyurem, Manaphy



~Legendary 400k : Keldeo, Diancie, Volcanion, Legendary Titan, Legendary Bird, Lake Guardian, Force of Nature








~Legendary 500k : Zekrom



Accepted payment


*CC 360k

* IV rr 660k

* Nature rr 330k

* Rare Candy 6k


My contact for service

Ign : Lyn1311

Dc Lyn1311#6556


My Silver Service Shop

Service Shop - Halloween, Megas, Lagendaries, Subway etc - Vesper Shop - Services Shops - Silver - Pokemon Revolution Online




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