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[TRANSACTION FINISHED] - up to 25Million Pokedollar if you can guess my name correctly - q25 - 25m !!!!

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:SquirtleSquad: Hello everyone  :SquirtleSquad:


First of all I want to thank the Devs, Mods and everyone else who is trying their best to keep this game (community) in a good shape,

and to show my appreciation I just want to make a Event/Giveaway of up to 25Million Poke dollar !!



The condition to win up to 25m is very straight forward !

First person to guess my name and give reasoning will win the price.


GUESS MY NAME and give a valid reason how you came to that conclusion

My name represents my nick in a way - Q25


I will only give the full amount of 25m to (NEW) players who has less then 1000 hours into the game on his main account, for players above 1000hours I will give 50% of it, so basically 12,5m and each week the price pool will decrease by 5m out of the 25m with a hint to make it easier to guess. 

On the Last week the hint will be sooo obvious that it will be very simple to guess my name correctly and to give a valid reason how I came up with the nick Q25.

To make this fair I would like to message my real name to one Developer or Game master (if they approve taking part in this), so people wont think I'm messing around 🙂 


there should be very few people who know my IRL name already but has no clue about the reasoning of it. 

So for those 1-2 individuals, please keep it fair and don't tell anyone :worryyes: 

That's why I also have the reasoning condition also, because you cannot guess my name correctly without coming across the reasoning part.



:CharYay: Rules :CharYay:


I might add some new rules in the future just to keep it fair. 

Right now I'm just gonna list rules that comes into my mind which would make it just fair to participate.

- Every Player has 1 chance each day (resetting at 00:00 +1GMT) to guess and give a reasoning behind it.


- To keep it fair you can only guess 1 time as a Player each day, so if you have 4 Accounts you can only guess 1 time each day as a single Individual.


- I will be responsible to transfer the Money to either Gold or Silver unless you want to come.


- don't pm me and ask my name 🙂 





:GalladeDab: Hints :GalladeDab:



25m - 1st week  -13.02          -  No Hint (hmm), so just use your imagination and rational

                                                    thinking. you have certain advantages if you

                                                    belong to a specific ethnicity group      🌍 👀



20m - 2nd week - 20.02        - Coming soon


15m - 3th week  - 27.02        - Coming soon


10m - 4th week  - 06.03        - Coming soon


5m   - 5th week and last       - Coming soon  ( The hint will be soo easy that you can guess it

                                                                             pretty fast with a little bit of

                                                                             research and rational thinking )




Best Regards,


Edited by Q25
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Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbel A'lameen ☝️

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18 minutes ago, Archieengine said:

First? Im gonna guess Qy because Q and the 25th letter of the alphabet is "y"


17 minutes ago, Hyett said:

Day 1 Random Guess: Abe 🤔



12 minutes ago, Kracka54 said:

Sura. Based on research i can disclose if necessary


haha good ones but no


Edited by Q25

Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbel A'lameen ☝️

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