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Shiny Geodude - Natu - Slowpoke - Yanma (Can be closed)

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Starting offer for every Pokemon is 1k

Min bid for every Pokemon is 1k

Auctions will end 24h after the first bid

Goodluck Everyone..

Since all started at the same time - https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/4050518/shinies


image.png.502bc80207cb131913ecc65197c0589b.png C.O. - 18.5k @Raikaisa665

image.png.71b1180ee759233334ba5805e702b3df.png C.O. - 161k @Lacomus

image.png.cd50b744be6dcea55d517cc488ba3712.png C.O. - 80k @Souoca123

image.png.0e8758dfa0f3e3c09b83e5f6b72ed430.png C.O. - 535k @Ozzymate


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