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Headbutt Spawns! *Alphabetical & by places* ALL Regions Updated! 07.05.2019


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147821 Sylveon <--- only "1" tree (the Pinkish Tree on the topleft) has been confirmed by the admin

i got sylveon in unknown place but not in pink one... Arnie said sylveon is added in every tree in UP in Headbutt Tweeks


awesome then its changed :D

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All Kanto

All Johto

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All Unova

All Kalos


MY GOAL: Completion of all Pokemon Regions and make a HUGE DEX Service sale :D

Currently have: 597 caught Pokedex data

Stored Pokemon in PC including all evo forms: 595 pokemon + shinys + lvl 100sand more

Obtained Legendaries: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi




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Tr1ckz, thank you. you've literally saved me hours of work to go through and catalog their spawn locations


Do not contact staff members for private support. Share the question on the forums due to being of use to others. Please use proper forum. Unsolicited messages will be trashed. Thanks.

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Wow so many answers. Thanks a lot guys :) I changed the Rufflet's spawn.

147838 Please add source :D you take info from my guide ^^

This guide is 100% made by myself and with a little help from my guild mates ;) All my topic got common to yours are picture links, but i guess those pics weren't made by you. You can check our site here: polishorder.pl

No hard feelings bro, but i just wanted people to have updated and sorted location spawn. Should i say sorry to you that you abandoned your topic?

147824 we can really find feroseed in cerulean city?

Yep, got it yesterday.

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